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Vanakkam (Welcome) to everyone, why was I born ? I am not a usual. I was created. My creation, path of traveling, contribution, benefits, my present scenario, I will discuss it as by biography of myself.

Do you know ? I am not necessary for ancient people, because they are exchanged the commodity for their needs. In ancient Tamil age, Paddy was the important crop, even nowadays too. It’s the medium of exchange for trade among the people. Likewise pearls, elephant tusk, sugarcane, salt, clothes, millet, pepper, gold ornaments, etc. Especially, trade with the foreign countries, Paddy was exchanged with pearls, cotton, glass ornaments, wines, coral, etc. Some important foreign countries have strong bonding with inland traders. Sometimes, they exchanged the commodity with their Gold coins.

Centuries are passed. Old method of trading change into new. How I was created ? I could tell in the upcoming lines. People who went to sell the goods, they need some trust object. Apart from Gold coins, Silver coins, Copper coins, etc. They don’t want exchange their goods with equal to other goods. Because, they don’t want goods at that time. For that, trading need some solid trust tangible authority for selling and purchasing the Goods. So, I was introduced in trading. As they give several names to me, Money, Currency, etc. Different names in different countries for me. The man created the caste system. They hadn’t left me. For me too, they created the Caste system. Why because, some currencies are higher than others like Dollar, Pound, Dinar, etc. Some place I was high, in some other I was as low.

After the introduction of me in the market, people feels trading becomes easy. I improving the economy of the Government, Rich people, at the same time people create a new face for me. It’s called Black money in the Black market. They play a brutal game with me in the trading system. How black market is created with me. Not like in ancient trading – Commodity exchanged with the Commodity. New trading is based on Currency only. Commodity for money, so commodity becomes shortfall. People having money but they could not buy the commodity at anytime. Some people hoarding the commodity and create the artificial demand over the commodity. The Demand increases the value of commodity, as like they play a game in the market with me as a tool.

In olden days, people stored the food grains in a larger container for the period of drought. Nowadays, the scene is totally changed. After knowing my capacity and immortal life, people started to store me in large.

I feel that I am just a Slave. I would not travel as my wish. I am a pet dog for someone. They hold me at all time. If I want to roam outside to the poor people home and I want to play in the hands of poor. I could not it’s strictly prohibited for me. If I do the same to reside with the poor people’s home, they allowed for sometime only. After that, I turned back.

I was created for trading as a tool only, but the days, years, centuries, after and after the people create more power for me, as like President in our country. But, I have been controlled by certain people as like our Prime Minister.




I have been modified by the administration on consecutive time intervals like my color, design, etc. In all time the administration want to change anything on me like Demonetization, Deflation, it was totally unknown to me and public too. We are unaware about the new changes at all time.

Now, I am standing and look back my past, how I create a strong impact over the countries and people. In olden days really they don’t need me. Nowadays, I am the powerful weapon of the people and in future, I don’t know – My physical will be there or not? The new technology brings the Intangible money all over the world. In future, I will not be there. But, my role of action will definitely rule the world.

When I was created, I was treated as Angel. I feel I am going to fulfill all people’s demand from top to bottom of the society, from Poor to Rich. But, I now feel truly guilty over my creation. The purpose of my creation is not completed. It was deliberately stopped by certain people. After getting into the hands of evil like people, I was changed from Angel to Demons. I am a cruel person, I am not for the Poor and I could not.

At the last from my opinion, the invention and creation by human beings always gives Negative impact for the society. Only a few percentages are positive, for example Atomic Power, Weapons, etc. I am also one of the inventions of human beings. How could I create the positive impact to the Society? My hands are not tied to help the Poor, It’s really truncated. Finally, I am not for all 🙁


( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)


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