Where to find the Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) details for NSE and BSE India ?

Initial Public Offering

Where to find the Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) details for NSE and BSE India ?

In order for a company to be listed on the Stock Exchange, the company must be a Public company or be converted from a private to a Public Company.

Further, the company will be listed on the Stock Exchange only if it meets the requirements of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). Unless a company is a private, their shares cannot be traded publicly through Exchange. Private Companies may have Stocks and its Shareholders. So it will come to IPO and Market only after they are converted into a Public Listed Company.

Generally, the IPO related information and documents are available in SEBI’s website. However as an investor we can see the Initial Public Offering (IPO) details and its history in the Stock Exchange websites.

There are two markets available in the Indian Stock Market – National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). From the websites of these two exchanges one can find the historical data of IPO – Past issues and upcoming IPO details. Let’s look at the IPO details of NSE India.

Google for ‘NSE India’ or go to nseindia.com

Under ‘Products‘ Menu, you can view the ‘Initial Public Offerings‘. Then expand the ‘Historical Data‘ where you can see the Past Issues like Book Building, Reverse Book Building and issues on Debt.

NSE India IPO history

You can click the ‘Book Building – Past Issues View‘ and there you can select the year to view the Past IPO issues. It will show you the name of the issue, issue price, Last traded price, Issue start and end date, the IPO Price range and Listing date.

On the right side ofย  ‘Select Year‘ option, you can have a link (View Past Issues prior to 1, January, 2016). By this one can find the past IPO issue Since the year 1999.

For the upcoming issue, you can find the link on the left side sub links under ‘Equities’. Click the link ‘ Current Market Reports’, there you can find the forthcoming issues.

Use the below links:



For BSE India, kindly use the link below:



(Image Courtesy: Dalal Street Investment Journal)

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