Two Cluttered things to be avoided to being an Entrepreneur


Two Cluttered things to be avoided to being an Entrepreneur

Being an Entrepreneur is a Life-long journey. In this journey we have to face many challenges to succeed. Success and Failures are not a fixed one, but we need to craft ourselves. Problem solving is the primary key for any business and being for the Entrepreneurship.

If we learn a lot of things on Entrepreneurship, the following two things will surely save us from slipping on a while. Most Influential Entrepreneurs were follow these things to become successful in their personal and Business.

  • Don’t React
  • Don’t Judge

Don’t react on things what others say. Sometimes emotional things are the leading to Failure. If someone says that you are not good at some, you don’t care about that. This was happened in our Personal life too, Accept the situation even if doesn’t favor of you. I am telling that you should accept the situation happened, but not on the things you got. So, it will help you to avoid emotionally. Anger and Disappointments were the emotional things, an Entrepreneur should not use at any cost.

If your spouse argue for some reason, you just accept the situation instead of fighting against. So, it will create a better relationship and start doing other tasks. This would apply for the business life also. You may have seen that Successful Entrepreneurs do not give much importance to the media news coming out. They are always passing by these noise.

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of Intelligence – J (Jiddu) Krishnamurti

Don’t Judge anyone is the way to live a good life. If you judge someone for any reason, you are making yourself as a stupid. Everyone in this world created as Equal, while everyone has unique abilities. What you had, which is not having with someone. You don’t have what others having.

Recently i was meeting a business coach and he said a word about Judgement on others, which was simply and brilliant to understand. His mother is a housewife long years ago, her responsibility mostly dealt with Cooking, House keeping, Caring her kids. Now, his wife is an entrepreneur who having two kids, committed with a limit on House work. She is always doing multi tasks –  Little hours with kids, More time on Entrepreneurship. “

So, you cannot judge your spouse responsibility with your mother’s. Situation is different, both having a different tasks and time. If you argue that your mom is good at caring, but my wife not had means, you will get yourself trapped. Don’t judge people for any reason. You are the boss of anything you had.

Entrepreneurship is not just the Responsibility and Respectability, but avoiding such things are the way to better environment in the world.

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