Top 3 Global Funds to invest – 2020

Top 3 Global Funds in 2020

Top 3 Global Funds to invest – 2020

Investors in the stock market should understand the risk and invest only their Surplus money. Avoid the Speculation and Gambling on Trade is important. Those who have Financial goals can make a good return in the long term through SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) investing which is available in Mutual Funds.

It is better to avoid the Direct Equity exposure for the Financial Goals and stick with the Funds in the long run. On the Other hand, Direct Equity is good for building the Wealth. So, don’t test with the penny stocks for your goals. One can’t become quick rich through stocks, as it takes time to compound and make to create the Real Wealth.

Interest rates in banks have been declining over the past few years. There are two reason for this – Inflation and Economic Growth. Interest rates are generally lower in Developing and Advanced Economies. In the future, the interest rates available for Bank Deposits will not be high or more than inflation. So, Mutual Funds are gaining Popularity today.

We have not much available means to invest directly in Foreign Equities. However one can invest in Foreign equities through Funds in Mutual Funds and in Stock Exchanges. Here are the Top 3 Global Funds to invest in 2020,

  1. PPFAS Long Term Equity Fund (G)
  2. Franklin India Feeder US Opportunities (G)
  3. DSP US Flexible Equity (G)

Among the three mentioned above, Parakh Parikh Long Term Equity Fund is a domestic Fund. The Founder of this fund is said to be one of the Value Investors in India. The three above funds have a exposure of some of the Leading Listed Companies Globally.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google (Alphabet Inc) are the few leading stocks in the Global Funds Portfolio. For a Category view on PPFAS Long Term Equity Fund – 55 Percent of the investment will be invested in Giant Companies, 13 Percent in Large Cap Stocks, 12 Percent in Mid Cap and the rest in Small Cap Stocks.

So, it was considered as Multi Cap Fund with High Risk. Those who have a long term goals can pick these type of funds to invest. The other two funds – Franklin India Feeder US Opp and DSP US Flexible Equity were said to be as International Funds.

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