The Origin behavior of Society

Origin behavior of Society

The Origin behavior of Society


In the world last evolved animal is Human being, but the last evolved animal is endangering to ancestors of the world i.e. other animals. Genetically modification is still happens in all animals, but not in human. Because all animals were still surviving even though human create more problems to them like Deforestation, Greenhouse gases, climatic change, solar changes.

Nowadays, the earth face more environmental changes but it affects more humans comparing to animals. The lifespan of the animals are same not changed, because they living in natural environmental condition. Human beings are struggling to live with their new technology.

We ever notice that infertility rate is high among human beings compared to animals. What it indicates ?  New technology development brings infertility to human beings.

Uncivilized animal become civilized, i.e. Human. Modification occurs in animal and also in the earth. Changes bring development to human, but destruction to the earth. What is the essential needs to live in this earth ?

Money is need to live a life, but not to live a life for money.


Groom Searching in India

Generally, for an animal – the basic factors are Herd or Single, Shelter, Food up to death and for the human being, Jointly or live as single, shelter, food and the money as a special case up to death. So, money have the impact in all forms.


Description about our ancestors’ lifespan:


Family Relationship hierarchy


The Society gives rating to individuals according to the wealth. The society approve a man who is suitable to live in the society, when he having the above qualification. Who create this eligibility to live in the society ? Who impose over us ?

Individuality is enough to live in this earth, with a little money. If we want to live a life as per the society describes, we lose our individuality and it needs more money.

Society decide how to live a life, it not consider the individuality. In birth also, Caesarean is a famous now. Is that our grand parents and parents are born by Caesarean only ? They lived a life in their own traditional method only. Is that wrong means, how could the human population sustains up to now ? We couldn’t learn our traditional method from our grand parents. Our parents didn’t know about the traditional living, because we are living a life as a unit family. We are lacking of our traditional living. We didn’t know anything, then what we have in our hand to give it to the new Generation ?  We just depend upon the technology. If the technology fails, our future generation also face the failure.

Nowadays, we are losing our eligibility to be a good teacher for our new generation. We create a generation gap between traditional method and new technology. So only, the Parenting class for Parents is a popular today. So, indirectly we accept, our grand parents and parents are not grown as good. We have a quality by our gene to do a good parenting, but the society only denies. Society make a decision of our life.


Society decides you


What is the role of the individuality ?


In a day, a man working for any organization, he should spend some working hours there, and some hours for eat, sleep, and other things. Remaining hours are to the family and society.

Living for her is a mankind, but losing individuality for society is just a miserable one !


Searching and earning a money for a life and family throughout your lifespan, then where you could time for you and your life ? Live a life as your soul wants and needs. Don’t get sober over money.

The man made paper (money) make man a mad.


Oh ! Oh, man !  Where are you going ?

Look back the world; what you did so far…

Full of war !  No stability among the nations !

You think, you are the Superior of all…

You don’t have a heart even crow have it;

What you think, Money is all ?

Remember, money will not save you from the death !

Yes, of course – Money is the key to rotate the earth…

Life journey needs its money,

but not to fix our journey towards money only !

Desire over money or Greedy over money… ?

Choice is yours !


( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)


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