The Four Pillars of the effective Investing

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The Four Pillars for the effective Investing

Everyone is looking for a new investment opportunity by everyday. There are so many investment opportunities available, but not all investments are the same. Some investment products are less expensive, few are risk free and some may not yield the expected returns. As for the Investment equipment, most are determined by the mindset or behavior of the investor.

Although some global investments available today, it simply varies from the mindset of every investor. Some people are choosing their investment avenues without knowing the risk factor on its investment. Some may miss the prospect of a better returns, despite the possibility of taking a Risk.

This post will be for everyone who is looking for an investment opportunities with a different side. Whether you are looking for any investment opportunity or deciding on investment tools, here is a good thing for you.

I am not come here to tell you about the income or returns you expect. But, it’s going to tell you how the investment opportunities can be compared. Every investment avenue has four elements, we can say it pillars for the effective investment. They are,

  • Safety
  • Liquidity
  • Good Returns
  • Tax Efficiency

Before choosing any investment product, you need to ensure whether it protects your investment. The amount of investment may be less or more, you have to aware that your hard earned money should not stay away from you. So, let you know the invested money is safe and go.

You have to be comfortable to take the money where you invest. Liquidity is an essential part while investing the money in a particular avenue. Your investment amount may be low or more due to market volatile. But, you do not need to worry about that, it depends on the investment product.

Choosing the investment product that gives a good return in the long run is an important. At the same time, do not forget your investment safety. Good or Better return should be more than inflation.

Returns you earned on investment should consider the Tax efficiency. You can always get the Tax benefits for the good income earned, use it wisely. Investing for a long term will help you on Tax liability, example – Reinvestment and Indexation Benefit.

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