The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 2

Drivers Seat

The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 2

Hello to Rich Investing Ideas Subscribers, here it is a continuation of my previous article – The Driver’s Seat – what i learnt from life and what life taught me in various circumstances. Two stories make you to think different and change in view of life. Hope you all will like these stories and now i am going to discuss the following stories are heard and read somewhere in my life.

Story 1:
In a nursery school, the teacher teaching Maths to students( i.e children ) by the way of figuring a method like flowers, fruits, animals in numbers (2 flowers+2 flowers =?) teacher continuing her class and explaining how to add the numbers with the example of Apple. After completing the addition
method in Maths, she want to examine the understanding level of children, how they understand so far. she started asking questions to all children, in the same way she ask question to one boy 4 apples+ 3 apples= ? What is your answer? How much apples do you have now?

The boy replied 8 Apples! She taught the boy didn’t understood the concept. Again, she explained the method of how to adding the numbers and she asked the same question and then the boy replied the same answer –

8 Apples 🙂

she got little irritated and again explained but the answer of the boy was same. she annoyed and shouted over him. ‘How could it be 8 apples ? You can explain ‘ said by the teacher. Boy replied that, ‘My mom gave one apple for my lunch time, so i have 8 apples (7 plus one) now ‘. Actually he added his one apple too 🙂

What is the message the story tells… what i learnt from this story ?

Don’t expect your favorable answer from others at all times. They can have different views about the problem. You have to understand that also. People always frustrating over other because of lack of understanding. we always expect beneficial answer, favorably answer from others.

For example while proposing a girl we expect the girl also feel the same ! Like in office, Travel, in a relationship, Family, etc. The problem have different solution, may be your side is wrong. our prior concern is about solve the problem in our life, business and in family but not to create it.
Solving the problem in life and find out the solution is a great skill, that needs to understand other views about the problem and thinking about others point of view about the problem is called –  Empathy.

“Who is right is not a matter at all. which one is right is very important”

                                – it is applicable to all situation and circumstances in our life.

Story 2:
This story is very interesting one, because it’s happening in everyone’s home – between Mothers-in-law and Daughters-in-law. A newly married couple living in a joint family. In a daily routine life, Daughter- in –
law do regular work like cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. Sometimes Mother-in-law also support her in cooking and others. Mother in law used to watch Television serial on a certain time like 1200 Hrs noon. She is habituated and interest over the particular serial and Daughter-in-law also completed all her works and join with mother-in-law during serial time .

One day mother-in-law asked her daughter-in-law, ‘ I am only watching Television (TV) serial, you don’t have any interest over serial. ‘ she replied, ‘ No, i don’t have any interest. ‘ But mother-in-law continuously asking her about it’s impossible the girls are not watching a TV Serial nowadays.

 Daughter-in-law open her mouth and expressed her interest, ‘ I had used  to love and watch one Television Series which is on another Channel but the time contracting with  what you are watching now. Then how can i watch that ? ‘

Days were passed. Both are came to watch the TV Serial on the same time.  But Mother-in-law is watching her favorite TV serial and not allowed her daughter-in-law to watch her favorite one on another channel. Then, what next ? 

Fight begins in joint family and it become a nuclear family.

Message of the story:    

We know the gravity of the words. which one makes friends and which one
makes enemy. We have to use the words very carefully in conversation. In the above story if Mother-in-law didn’t ask her Daughter-in-law’s desire about serial, then the problem will not arise or Daughter-in-law didn’t tell
her desire that time – Then, no problem. when and where you should open your mouth and where you shouldn’t. All we know sometimes Silence and being Calm on various situation avoid many problems .

“Don’t open your mouth while your enemy doing Mistakes”

Hope you all like the above stories, it is very useful for me and hope for you also.

( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)

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