The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 1

Drivers Seat

The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 1

Human is a Social animal, Human could not live alone in the earth. They must mingle with others for their day- to- day life. We could not find a person without friends. Everyone in the world have friends, even good or bad activities. They are grown together and achieve the same. In all Happy, Sad and in an emergency time, we at once call our friends and then only family and relatives.

This shows how much friends are important in any life. Everyone’s life has some important impact got from friends and others and something get from speech of popularity and their role models. I had also some impact get from life and some of them from my role models. Let’s see some of them.

Impact One: School Teacher

In my school days, one of my English Teacher was given some impact on me. As like of other teacher, he was also same kind of nature, but his aspect about the life make difference and were really tremendous. One fine day in our class, he started the story of his earlier days, ‘In Childhood, most of the people we were brought in village and there is no toilet facility in our village. Now we are using the word –Clean India – Swachh Bharat, which we hadn’t heard or seen on those days. We had been used the way to natural calls in the Vast Agricultural fields only. On the way to natural calls, some water reservoirs, tanks was there, step down from the bunds and walk for a while, there some old ladies are stuck up to climb up the bunds with wooden sticks. So they called me for a help to carry those wooden sticks up to the top of the bunds. I was doing the same and received a blessing from the old ladies ‘.

As like the days are moves on.  Later, he got a job and settled – Married and had kids. When the time of his child’s beginning days, there is no one to help as his spouse were also work somewhere.  Not able to take both parents’ support and he had no idea what to do next. Either he or she had to quit job for few some years to take care of their child. On that time, one anonymous old lady introduced herself and told that she came from nearby his village. She was also said to him, that ready to take care of the child. As the days and weeks were passed, the child was grown up and the couples are really happy about this support. The second child was also born and the old lady was given her support at last weeks of her life. Finally one day she was passed away, as both remember the old lady at all times.


What he (My teacher’s story) want to convey to us?

 Helping the Others.


Whatever whenever you can do, up to the limit you can do any help to others. These things are deposited in your savings account of God’s Bank. Whenever you need a help at somewhere, then the God will repay the deposit to you at a right time with a right interest. I am following the same, Go somewhere and find the new things, then learn it. Refresh yourself from your hardcore rotational life. He is the man insist us to go to some tour like wild life, love with nature. Thereafter we our friends are regularly make a tour and refresh ourselves with new things. Refresh yourself to face the future with boost up the energy.

Enjoying the nature as like a visitor, Patience is an art at the time of natural disaster.

Man could not withstand in front of Nature. Feel the power of nature is good for mankind always.

Impact Two:  Speech of Swami Vivekananda

In my school days, for some of my speech competition, I was just go through on Swami Vivekananda’s Motivation Speech and referred on it. Some of his life advice are very close to my heart and made impact in my life. Let’s look on that.

Look back your life, you unnecessarily asked help from others, as they didn’t favor for you. This was happened so far. What you had in your life so far it’s because of you and what you going to have in future, that also because of you only. So don’t seek help from others. Everything is with you and from you. You have all powers with you, just expose it.

On our earlier days – Schools, College, workplace where we noticed that some students, college mates, few colleagues are greater and outstanding in their entire curriculum like Studies, Sports, and other development activities. And other students or employees are annoying that he or she is such a talented one, but we didn’t have much of that. By birth in this earth, we all are in common and there is no such space given differently. During the grown up time only, the person will get the improvements. So, all the power is with you and within you. Simply because the outstanding one exposed his talent, where you didn’t, even not for ready. If you are ready to expose and execute yourself, then you will get Success.

Execute yourself is an important thing, don’t think you are lack in power. Power is always with in you, believe it. 

The above real stories and self development concepts were changed my life with a different aspect. Still, I have to move on various situations as the time will educates. Hope the above words are useful for you with a little. If so, just implement it and if not so – ignore it.


Victory (Happiness) is our Target, it have many Paths…

( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)


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