Tech Companies Quarterly Results – Q4FY20

Tech Quarterly results Q4fy20

Tech Companies Quarterly Results – Q4FY20

The Quarterly Financial Results are in the trend for the Q4FY20 – Listed Companies. TCS, Infosys and Wipro are the Tech Companies were declared their Fourth Quarterly results for the Fiscal year 2019-20.

For Wipro Ltd, the revenue was said to be Rs. 15,750 Crore and the Operating Profit was Rs. 3,119 Crore in the Q4FY20 report. The Profit before tax (PBT) was Rs. 2,966 Crore and the Net profit were stood at Rs. 2,326 Crore.

The said above revenue was little higher than the same quarter of Previous fiscal year. At the same time, the Net profit fell about 6 Percent in the Q4FY20. The Sales growth has been increased by 6.5 Percent over the past 5 years.

Similarly, the Compounded Profit growth were also up by 3 Percent in the Last five years for WIPRO Ltd. The Return on Equity were stood at 18.75 Percent over the 5 years period. However the Stock price has fallen 34 Percent over the past one year.

The Tata Group – TCS were also announced its earnings for the period of Q4FY20. The Company’s revenue for the quarter ended March 2020 was Rs. 39,946 Crore and the expenditure was Rs. 28,970 Crore. The Other income was said to be Rs. 738 Crore.

Tech Quarterly results Q4fy20

The PBT for TCS was Rs. 10,512 Crore and the Net Profit of Rs. 8,049 Crore in the Fourth quarterly results. The Sales growth for TCS has increased by 12.35 Percent over the past five years. Compounded Profit growth was also up by 20 Percent in the last 10 years. The Return on Equity has risen 35 Percent over the past five years.

For Infosys, the Sales for Q4FY20 was Rs. 23,267 Crore and the other income was said to be Rs. 614 Crore. The Net Profit were stood at Rs. 4,321 Crore. The Compounded Sales growth for Infosys has grown 14 Percent in the last ten years.

Profit growth has significantly risen by 10 Percent over the Past 10 years. The Return on Equity was good and stood at 24 Percent for the last 5 years. Reserves in Balance Sheet were at Rs. 63,328 Crore as per the March 2020.

The above said three companies were not elaborate on the Next quarter’s Guidance due to Covid-19 Situation. Although the Quarterly results of FY20 may have yielded some revenue, the coming quarters could be a challenging one for most of the Companies. The Current April Lock down will affect the Sales growth for all stocks. The April – June Quarter (Q1FY21) is also seen as a crucial period when many companies are facing losses.

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