Stock Market – Global Indices – 2019 Yearly Returns Data

Global Stock Market Indices 2019

Stock Market – Global Indices – 2019 Yearly Returns Data

We are on the verge of ending 2019. There are nearly two weeks to complete this Calendar Year. The Key Market Indicators like the United States and Europe are UP in the year 2019.

Similarly, the Indian Stock Market Indices both the Nifty50 and BSE Sensex 30 are trading in the Green for this year. The United States – NASDAQ 100 soared 32 Percent, where the Dow Jones have 19.15 Percent as on date of 16th December, 2019.

The S & P 500 Index is up by 25 Percent and the Brazil’s iBovespa rose by 29 Percent. The Key indices of Argentina and Colombia were also increased this year.

For the European Markets, FTSE 100 rose by 12 Percent, where the DAX were traded with 23.85 Percent returns for this year. France Index CAC 40 and Russia MOEX rose by 25 Percent and 28 Percent respectively.

FTSE MIB and IBEX35 were also rose by 26 Percent and 10.55 Percent respectively in this year 2019.

In the Asian Markets, Nifty50 and Sensex were up by more than 10 Percent. China’s Shanghai Index is also given 17 Percent at this current period. Japan’s NIKKEI 225 were up by 14 Percent.

Global Stock Market Indices 2019

For the Australian and African Markets, most of the Key indices were given positive returns for this year. Australia’s ASX 50 rose by 24 Percent and New zealand’s NZX 50 by 29.58 Percent as on date of December 16, 2019.

Very Few nations were generated the Negative Returns for this calendar year like Bangladesh, Poland, Ukraine, Ecuador, Chile and Malaysia. By 2020, there are lot of things that will impact the Global Indices like Sino-US Trade war, US Elections, Brexit Deal, Climate Change and other Economic Production indicators.

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