Steven Smith – The Best Test Batsmen – Investing is Boring

Steven Smith Best Test Batsmen

Steven Smith – The Best Test Batsmen – Investing is Boring

The Best Test Batsmen at Present – Steven Smith, Cricbuzz narrates him. The Australian Batsmen made his debut as a Leg Spinner, then turned to a Best Batsmen and now tops the list of Best Test Batsmen. He had played 67 Tests and scored 6870 Runs so far, including 26 Centuries and 3 Double Hundreds. He had an average of 64.81 in the Tests and 41.41 in One day Internationals.

His role in capture during the 2015 World Cup was brilliant. He became the first player to score five successive fifty plus scores in the 2015 World Cup Tournament.  He was banned for a one year from the Australian Cricket Team due to the Ball Tampering Incident.

Smith was once again showed his talent in the 2019 World Cup, after returned from the Banned. Currently, his role in the Ashes Series against England is good for the Australian Cricket. He went out with a head injury and then returned, scored a Double Century in the next match to win the match against England.

Steven Smith is one of the Best Test Cricket and a Good ODI Player, but he is not the best in T20 Matches. If you ask the Legends of the Cricket, which one decides the Best Cricketer – Test & ODI or T20 ? Then, the legends’ answer is absolutely Test and One day Internationals.

The reason why the Legends like Don Bradman, Viv Richards, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Joe Root – they are the stellar players in Tests and ODIs. They take the time to showcase their talent. Smith includes too in the Legend. You may not have seen such players in the T20 Cricket. So, the best for the Cricket is Test and One Day Cricket Matches.

In T20 Matches, you can entertain the Audience, Media for a short time. It could be a feast for the Media Entertainment. We cannot say that the Cricket is changing from Tests & ODI to T20 Internationals. T20 is also needed for this time.

In order for an Athlete to be effective, he needs to be on the Playing Field. That is the Long term Potential. This one applies to investment also.

You cannot be a ________________ in a Single day !

You may book a profit or loss in a Day Trading. This can encourage your broker or friends around you. But it will never motivate you for the Long time. Yes, Long term Investment in Boring and it needs Patience. But, that is what enriches you and multiply your investment on ‘n’ times. But, you should not buy a wrong one (stocks) in an Investment 🙂

Investing is an Art. Like Steven Smith, anyone may not like his playing strategy and Orthodox technique. But he knows very well about what he is doing for his Australian Team. In fact, he takes a lot of time to use his ability and score lot of runs.

In case of Long term Investing, you may not liked. Some one can say like i love to day trading and i believe the cash received on today. That’s right, how much you can through Day Trading ? If you are gonna make a Million, then what are you going to do with that money ?

Are you going to buy a New Home or New Car ?


Are Spending everyday – being Prodigality ?

If you buy a new home or car, it will keep for a while. You cannot going to buy a house or car every day. If you are going to spend money anyway, then it would be lead to Someone’s revenue for a long time. You cannot spend money in a different shop every day. Investment is therefore inevitable.

Long term Investment Benefits

Don’t forget that those who are successful in Day Trading or Swing (Short term) Trading, they always invest a portion of their profits for a Long term. Investing is just living a Life. Whether you like it or not, you just doing it in other way – Unknowingly.

Steven Smith can play in T20 Overs – IPL and Big Bash League. But he is a long term Batsmen, looking to score as huge – The Best of Test Batsmen.

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