Follow these Simple Strategies for the Day Trading


Follow these Simple Strategies for the Day Trading

In a Day Trading, Time and Discipline is essential for everyone. There are different kind of policies followed by the Day Trader in the Stock Market. Those policies may differ from the others.

Even, if we say that we can make big money in the Intra day or Day Trade, the chance of loss or risk is very high. That is why the traders can succeed by cutting losses as much as they can book profits.

While the policies, strategies of the Day traders we say differ. But there are some general factors that are seen below will make a Day Trader compatible with the trend of the stock market.

Facts about Day Trading

This image chart is not mine. Some time ago, one of my friend shared this with me on Social Network. But, i think that each of these things will be helpful for everyone who trades in the stock market.

Before you entering into the market in a particular day, make sure about the Trend of the market. Read the news about the global market, domestic noise and then find the market whether today is making a bullish or sideways or bearish.

If you feel that the market today is on bullish, then find the indices or a particular stock whether the price is at support level. If it makes you feel agreed, then buy it on support level. If you not agreed, better don’t trade on that period or day.

If the market is going sideways, wait for the breakout period. Breakout Strategy is a powerful and an important on any market and especially for a particular stocks or shares.

While you are seeing the market are in bearish hand, find whether the price is at Resistance level. If it tells that it is in resistance, make ready for a short (Short is not a short term) or sell. Else, you should not trade. These are the simple strategies and make you discipline forever in the trend of the Stock market.

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