Q4FY19 Results of Tech Giants – TCS and Infosys


Q4FY19 Results of Tech Giants – TCS and Infosys

Nowadays is the earnings period while the fourth quarter (Q4FY19) results are coming. Recently the two Tech Giants were released their last Quarterly results for the Financial year 2018-19. Results of the listed companies are the most important for any investor.

Not only the quarterly results were releasing now, it is also a whole financial year report for the 2018-19. The number one, Tech Giant TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) were announced its Q4 results last Friday after the market hours. The Company’s revenue were seen at Rs. 38,010 Crore and the Net profit was Rs. 8126 Crore.

Where the another Tech Giant Infy (Infosys) released its fourth quarterly results on the same day, the Revenue stood at Rs. 21,539 Crore and the net profit at Rs. 4074 Crore. The Company’s expenditure and Operating profit were stood at Rs. 16,390 Crore and Rs. 5,149 Crore respectively.

The Year on Year (YoY) Sales growth for the Infosys told as 19 percent, where the Operating margin at 24 percent. In the previous period for the same quarter, the operating margin were seen as 27 percent.

The Compounded Sales growth and Profit growth for the Last 5 years, 12 and 11 percent respectively. For the March ended year 2019, the reserves in the Balance sheet was Rs. 62,778 for Infosys (IT Sector).

Tech Giants results TCS and Infosys

The Return on Capital Employed(ROCE) and Return on Equity (ROE) provides more than 20 percent, which is valuable for the Long term investor. The Sales growth for Infosys in the recent years were declining and it was about 9 percent in the last three years.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had a 18.5 percent on sales growth by YoY. The Operating margin were seen as 26 percent vs 27 percent in the fourth quarter on quarter. Profit before Tax (PBT) stood at Rs. 10,702 Crore. The Compounded sales growth had a 14 percent in the past 5 years, where the Compounded profit growth was 13 percent in the said years.

The Return on Equity and Return on Capital Employed seems a healthy progress for the Investors – 39 percent of ROCE and 30 percent of ROE. TCS had a reserves in the Balance sheet for the year ended March 2019, is Rs. 89,070 Crore.

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