Positive Inflows in the Indian Mutual Funds Industry – Economy Slowdown

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Positive Inflows in the Indian Mutual Funds Industry – Economy Slowdown

For the Mutual Fund Industry in India, the AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) is dedicated to develop this industry by professional, ethical lines and maintain standards with a view to protecting and promoting the interests of Mutual Funds and their Investors – Unit Holders. As per AMFI website, currently there are 44 AMCs are registered with SEBI, are its members.

AMFI publishes its Mutual Fund industry data about New Schemes and Asset Under Management (AUM), Funds mobilized by every month. Last August 2019, the total amount invested in the Indian Mutual Fund Industry was Rs. 1.02 Trillion which is said here as Net Inflow.

In the previous month of July 2019, it was stood at Rs. 87,000 Crore. The AUM as on 31st August 2019, stood at Rs. 25.47 Lakh Crore, earlier it was seen as Rs. 24.53 Lakh Crore in the month of July 2019.

In the July of this current year, there was no investment made in the Gold ETF Scheme and there was a outflow of Rs. 17 Crore in that month. But, in the August 2019, Gold ETF attracted an investment amount of Rs. 145 Crore. Investment made in Index Funds also increased in the last month. Index Funds received a net inflow of Rs. 224 Crore in July and Rs. 345 Crore in the month of August.

In the Current Market Environment, most of the investments are made in the Liquid and Equity Funds. There is an amount of Rs. 45,441 Crore invested in Liquid Funds for the month of July 2019. However it attracts with an investment of Rs. 79,428 Crore in the last month.

AMFI mutual funds data

Equity oriented Schemes had a net inflow of Rs. 9,152 Crore in the August, earlier it was Rs. 8,112 Crore in the month of July. Ultra Short duration Funds investment also increased to Rs. 2,830 Crore from the amount of Rs. 600 Crore.

Investments in Tax Savings ELSS Funds has increased significantly on a monthly basis. The ELSS Funds investment in July was Rs. 737 Crore, up Rs. 827 Crore in the month of August 2019.

However Systematic Investments (SIP) were down slightly in the month of August. In July, it was seen with an amount of Rs. 8,324 Crore, but in the last month it was reduced to Rs. 8,231 Crore.

Increasing investments in the Mutual Funds industry during Economy Slowdown, are driving confidence among Investors.

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