Perseverance and Inference – Know your Destiny


Perseverance and Inference – Know your Destiny


The Word, ‘ PERSEVERANCE‘ and ‘INFERENCE‘, which plays everyone’s life in a dramatic manner. These two things have related and fought each other that who could rule this part of human life. If Perseverance wins, then the people will get success in their life. On the other part, Inference will give the comment over success or failure of the people. The human life having the perseverance in their live field and the people who claim inference, are the audience rider.

In the Forest, Deer stands to prey for a Tiger. If a tiger gets success in all attempts which tried, then the deer will exit. But, the deer breed survives till now due to their perseverance. It is an Evolution by the nature and If a tiger fails because of its inference, still it wants to try at a chance. Tiger will not give up due to its hunger, otherwise the breed of tiger will not exist.

Now the people in this world, loud to appraise the achievement of Successful people. Once it was De-promoted by them because of their inference over the idea of Achievers, but the achievers did not give up. They were continuously work out with their plan and vision, Confident over the obstacles and controversy, then finally conquer everything.

Why the inference, would create more impact over the daily life ? It’s a Simple reason that everyone wants their success in the first attempt itself. They do not like to face the failure, even were not interested. An egg on its fetal which contains a chick and they have an option to choose a Cock or Hen. It is very easy for the assumption, but at last the broken egg will give the result – Whether is it a Cock or Hen ?

Exertion will decide who will win or lose, not by the inference. Without giving a try, how would you decide the rate of result ? Nowadays, we are seeing everywhere that have this idea and implementing through out their life. Deciding on School and Competition Examinations, Selecting for the Football team, Starting a business Startup, before entering into there, they just inferred by their heart to fail. Win or Lose is not a big issue, but giving an effort is a thing to be learnt. The Real players will win at one day, the viewers are not.

The Millionaires and Billionaires of the companies were started their business with a little. They beat the Competition, Herding and finally the inference, as they grown up gradually with more lessons. So, one should start their journey with a small step. We everyone knows a little drops make a mighty ocean. There is no such thing in the world will not happen suddenly, even the Big Bang theory of Cosmology.

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Waiting for the moment or Delayed Decision making is also leads to the destruction. Everyone wants to fill their life with full of blossoms, but life never comes without a thorn. Winning a moment can gives a joy and the failure teaches you a lesson and experience to the path for success. So, the experience of rich one guides the new comers.

If you fail in the first attempt, you should know that all the doors are not closed. Yes, you just knock the wrong one and now to find the right thing with perseverance. Neem Flower tastes you a full of bitter, but honey is there for you.

The world is a big hunting field. You have to choose the character who you are – Hunter or Prey ? Perseverance decides that whether you are a hunter or prey.


Generally Winners have the dream and goal with a quality on execution – perseverance, the loser focusing on his inference upon the goal and dream, but not for the right execution. People may wonder about the height of Mt. Everest (8,848 m), but if you climb up you are the higher than the Mt. Everest. Now, you can guess who holds the highest position in the world ?

Don’t guess or inference 🙂



( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)


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