My Sibling Failure

Success vs Failure

My Sibling Failure


Are you want to be a loser ?


Can anyone have the guts to want to be a loser. May be not for all !


Yes, i want to be loser all the time. It’s my Self-reliant statement. Why because, i face the success very often but my sibling is travel with me through out the life. So, i must give the value to my sibling – “FAILURE“. People in the world, mostly don’t like to fell down or fail, but i like to do. I love to face the failure, but afraid to hold the success. Why i am getting afraid to hold the success, while other people in the world are celebrating their success, even in little things too. The Reason behind is, I am greedy. If i taste the word of success, i want more and more, an Endless one. For the Endless one, i have to travel with my sibling.

In the world, the success people one may belonged to the poor family, unknown in struggling time, Even after getting as fame, they still enjoy with the same lifestyle what they had in the past. Because of the reminding of Sibling, it always spurring which one is good and bad, but the success doesn’t have the Quality.

After every success moment, there is a vacant that created by success. It is just like a testing by Success whether a person have the quality to hold the Success or Not. People mostly failed in this type of test and sustaining the same position. Only few crossing over the vacant created by success. On continuing the journey with success are only with the help of Sibling.

Succeed People always states that, ” Don’t get time for the Second Success. If you do it so, then people appraise you that the previous success is not by your hard work, but it only by Fortune. So, Don’t allow to appraise“.

Most of the people after getting the success they settled down and live the life as it is given by the Success. They don’t try for the another success in life. This is the reason why major part of the people in the world occupied by the middle and lower class.

Every one must have a thirsty over the success, not satisfaction on first success itself. If failure is permanent to human beings, then man could not evolved from Ape.

Flowers could not have colors and fragrances to attract bees, beetle for germination.


Water from the fountain have the sound because of stones. As like, failure makes the life beauty. If the people facing success in all attempt means, then they don’t have the respect over others and even lack of faith over God too. It cannot possible to get success in all attempts.

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In School, College or working place also, some students, employees have the outstanding skills and all others all time appraising and appreciating them for their outstanding skills, they got continuous growth. But, all other are in the same position still appraising and appreciating. By birth, every child have the equal level of brain, hands, legs and everything. On during grownup time they can get the chance to expose.

My strong opinion is about no one in the world is better than you. You have also the same skills, talent and everything. The only difference is some outstanding person expose it, but you didn’t. Is that mean, that you didn’t have a skills ?

NO, you have.

But, you are always wait for the moment or need to pushup. The above two will never ever happen. It could come from yourself only. Because, talent and skills are not the grocery items as we pay money to get them. As like people doing nowadays, lie on queue in front of best educational institute, Coaching center. It is also one of the mental illness suffered by the people. They think that if they get the admission in a best college or coaching institute or school for their children, so they would succeed in their life. It will not happen anymore.

Why we focus in Failure, but not in success ?


A small story starts, A man working as a hotel server, but he wants to become a film star. He having a hilarious sense, but he couldn’t get a chance. By through his friend, he get a chance to act in a film. He grabbed the chance and he expose his talent and succeed in his life as a great manner. But he kept his Hotel server uniform in his big bungalow. One day, a journalist during the interview he asked a question, ‘Why you are keeping your hotel server uniform in your bungalow’. He replied, ‘Whenever i get more sober about victory, i see the uniform and ask i wore you before, now see my status. But the uniform boldly said, ‘Before you wearing this luxurious dress, you just wear this hotel server dress only, I am Permanent and this is temporary’. So, we should look back the past life with failure, not by the success.

Success is like a sober stone. If you kept in front of eye, it covers the whole world or kept a distance from your eyes, you should realize the weightage. People should not follow this, they use the sober stone to hide the whole world.

Success and Failure doesn’t have a big difference, it have a minute variation. The real variation is how much you put an effort. Success will not come separate. Accept and Analyze the failure and taste the success fruit for the time being hungry. Hungry is permanent. You have to succeed the hungry with full effort and experience of failure.

Without perseverance and effort, Success and failure are the total waste of time. Because the failure have the minute variation over the success, with Effort only. This is applicable to the person, who conquer the life.

Failure is a teacher who teach the man how to be humility and discipline during success.


Sibling duty is safeguard during our success time, so love and like to face the failure to harvest the victory. If we haven’t get victory means, then who else to get in the world. Remember…. !

( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)


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