My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on February 2019


My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on February 2019

When i posting this article, Nifty50 crossed 11,000 points and S&P BSE Sensex closed at 36,636 points in the Indian Stock Market. Small cap and Mid cap were rallied for the last three Trading days. Nifty Small cap 100 and Mid cap 100 earned a returns of 7.80 % and 4.70 percent respectively in the past one week.

The Nifty50 has given a 6 percent return for the past one year, but the Mid cap and Small cap failed to benefit the Investors. The last one year return for the Mid cap 100 is (-10.20) percent and the Small cap 100 was down (-23.20) percent.

Although the bear market in India has not gone yet, but the market has recently been improving. After with the Interim Budget 2019 and the border tension worsened, the Indian Stock Market has seen good progress. The Trade war between the nations has not yet stopped.

After the end of February 2019, it looks favorable conditions in my Stock Portfolio. I have added a few quantity on TYRE Industry and has done an average with my existing stocks in Automobile Sector. The Majority sector of my stock portfolio is filled with AUTO Sector by 39.50 percent in the end of last month.

My Stocks based on Market Cap

I had also bought some shares on Air Conditioning – Diversified Sector. In the Information Technology, i had added one more stocks to boost the portfolio value. I feel and think this is the right moment to buy shares – Before Elections.

I had filled my stock portfolio with a Oil Refinery, and sold some of the shares in the IT – Software for my business needs. Everyone should find out the right stocks with good fundamentals in this Bear Trend. I always keen to watch and invest for the long term in the Stock Market.

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