My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on December 2018

Stock Portfolio December 2018

My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on December 2018

It’s my new Stock portfolio, i am posting here after quitting my regular job. After that I started to invest a little bit more aggressively. Prior to this, I had a long term strategy, and now i have invested in the stock market for my short term needs too.

I did not recommend this initiative, what i am doing now. Everyone should try to see the Stock market as a long term investment. So, it will take care of you for the long life. Those with a short term goals or needs, they may choose mutual funds.

Tata Motors standing position in my Stock portfolio, is still making a difference on my capital and as well as on Return on Investment(ROI). Now, the ROI for the Tata Motors for me is at (-40) percent. The Slowdown in sales combined with JLR has reduced the net profit. However it looks as if JLR and other business of Tata Motors are looking different, then it will be good on that scenario.

In the last year 2018, the Stock market hadn’t more good days. There is no place for a boom, not even shine a little. I had accumulated some shares on my portfolio, which is currently trading at a fair price (Not a cheap one) – including Tata Motors 🙂

When compare to my previous post on Stock Portfolio, there is no major changes in my stocks. The little difference may change on Sector’s percent and my investment speed from low to moderate. My Stock Portfolio is equipped with major on Information Technology, Banking & Finance, Automobiles, Pharma and a very little on Oil and Paints.

Kindly share your views / comments with a smile:)


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