My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on April 2018

My Portfolio Stocks


My Portfolio – Stocks – Updated on April 2018


I love to learn and use the Fundamental Analysis for buying or Selling Stocks. Last time, i was updated my stocks portfolio on November 2017 and this time i had a few changes on my portfolio. The Value referred on my stock buying is only based on own analysis, it would not be recommended to buy for anyone.

I had tried to investing in various sectors, but specifically invested in Technology at large. HCL and Infosys are the Tech stocks on my portfolio. I had investing in a small on Paint Sector with Berger Paints.

You can view my stock portfolio below, updated on April, 2018. There are few changes on allocation on various sectors, due to adding the Castrol India in Oil Industry and some accumulations on Pharma and Auto.

Technology is one of my favorite, so that i am holding with more than 30 percent on my stock portfolio. Pharma and FMCG would take the next percent of allocation after the IT-Technology sector. I am used to adding TATA Motors on its current market price, but the earnings not a expected one 🙂

My Stock Portfolio


At Present, i had a stock portfolio of 11 Stocks from Advanced Enzyme to Tata Motors. 7 out of 11 stocks are Advanced on making profits and 4 other stocks are declined. Again NALCO gives a profit return on more than 100 percent, after i had sold few stocks there.

The worst part that, the TATA Motors making a loss of nearly 20 percent. Still i believe that this gem of business will make a good return in the future. As for a long term, i accumulated few on TATA Motors.

The returns are at 11.21 % for my Stocks Portfolio as on April 30, 2018.

Kindly share your views / comments with a smile 🙂


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