My Investment portfolio – updated as on August – 2018

Investment Portfolio August 2018

My Investment portfolio – updated as on August – 2018


You can view my last investment portfolio updated on April month of this year.  As i said in my previous part, retire early is not an easy task while we are committed to our daily needs and wants. One cannot avoid the basic needs, but we have to create a secondary source of income, if we really stick to the retirement plan.

I have updated or added one percent on my stocks / equity funds, as the stock market reacted at its high. I am not worry about the trend of the stock market, because the investment made by me are purely for the long term. So, take a little bit of risk earlier is not a concern 🙂

You can also notify that the basic deposits (Bank RD or FD) were reduced to one percent, due to the addition on stocks. Still, i am not concurring with the Gold, as the investment of gold went negative from the past 5 years. If we taken the gold as an investment in the year of 2012, it would give today the value of (-6) negative percent – (Adjusted for Inflation).

The central bank – RBI had bought the Gold for the first time in nine years due to the demand as a store of value on the declining returns and capital values of fixed income bonds. This too happened by the rising interest rate environment. Hence, it is not a matter on my opinion.

My Debt funds and Retirements savings column were retained as same. My kid is also kidding me, ‘Hey dad ! Stabilize your Personal Finance earlier and i am awaiting for that ‘ 🙂

Rich Investing with my investment portfolio.

Kindly share your views / comments with a smile 🙂




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