How is my Budget Planning today – Oct – Dec 2017 – PQFR

budget planning today dec 2017

How is my Budget Planning today – Oct – Dec 2017 – PQFR


This is my final Budget planning (Ending December) for this year and the third quarter for the Financial year 2017-18. A lot of mixed with my Fixed and Flexible expenses and the savings and investing remain same in the 33.70 percent.


The PQFRΒ  is based on theΒ Super Budget 50:30:20:

budget planning today dec 2017



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  • I spent with some on flexible expenses for the Festival session between october to december, so that you can notice the flexible expenses are at 11.30 % for the month of october and november. Though i had planned in advance, the december month was decreased to 8.8 %.


  • My Fixed expenses went in the december month to 57.50 % for paying yearly bills like insurance, medical and web hosting.


  • Hope, you will find something about budgeting on personal finance and wish everyone to be the Happy Finance for the year 2018.


How is my Budget Planning today – April – June 2017 – PQFR


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