How is my Budget Planning today – Jan-Mar 2018 – PQFR

PQFR March 2018

How is my Budget Planning today – Jan-Mar 2018 – PQFR


I am happy to welcome you, for “How is my Budget Planning Today ” section. This is my fourth and final quarter for the financial year 2017-18 (FY 17-18). There are lot of changes we need when the year started, but we mostly failed to plan on our PLAN. So, Prevention and Perseverance is the best thing to do while planning.

So, i was finished with a full set of my PQFR for the financial year 2017-18 by this post. The Personal Quarterly Financial Reports are based on Super Budget 50:30:20. As, you can also google it for this formula and i already mentioned this related on my past article.

There are little bit of changes on the Super Budget 50:30:20 while it insists you to make a plan depending on your current financial situation. So, you cannot say with the exactly numbers on Super Budget, it still make changes slightly.


You can also see my previous Personal Financial Quarterly Report (PQFR) are below here…

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PQFR March 2018



  • There are some changes on this above report that you can look out, the fixed expenses are slightly stabled to 56 percent, as compared to the previous PQFR.


  • You can also see the Savings and Investing part, now it’s sitting at 32.50 percent, as compared to the previous quarter – 33.70 percent in the past. I was completed my mid-term goal and withdrawn the return and investment, so this part decreased by 1.20 %.


  • I am also planning to add some investments in the current financial year 2018-19, as i need to take some time due to the payment of Income Tax for my previous earnings.
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