Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – September 2018

FII vs DII Trading on September 2018

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – September 2018


There is a good day for anyone in the September 2018, but for the Indian Stock market – it’s a bad weather for the entire month which the Nifty 50 and the biggest Bombay Sensex had not performed well.  The Sensex closed with the starting day of the September with 38,312 points and Nifty 50 of 11,582 points. The Nifty finally closed the month of 10,930 points and the BSE Sensex with 36,227 points.  So, it was felt down nearly (-6) percent in the month of September.

The Mid and Small cap both were went down more than (-12) percent.  Globally, Dow jones and Nikkei were on the positive sides. Banking and Financial Companies and the Realty are the fallen sector in September 2018 for the Indian market, but luckily IT-Sector was earned a little on Dollar – Rupee Exchange Rate.

The FII (Foreign) and DII (Domestic) market trading activity for the last month was a rough timeline. Most of the trading days, the FII was just gone outside the market, while the Domestic investors are helped marginally. There was totally 18 number of trading days in September 2018, in the Indian Stock Market.

You can see the trading activity table, the day started on Third September and, ended in the date of Twenty eighth of the month. The total gross purchase of FII and DII were at Rs. 1,96,795 Crores.  The total Gross sales including FII and DII stood at Rs. 1,93,759 Crores, where the FII sales alone was Rs. 1,23,274 Crores.

There was 13 days out of 18 trading days with a negative sign on Net purchases or Sales for the FII activity. This is one of the reason led to down the market. While on the other side, the DII had a 15 successful days out of 18 trading days with a positive on Net purchases / Sales. As, you can see the date of 19th September, the Net sales of (-2,184.55 Crore rupees) from the FII was a huge outflow on that month.

The FII’s only highest and of the positive purchase came on 14 September, by Rs. 1090 Crores. The Total Net purchases or Sales went for the past month, (-9468) crore rupees on the FII Side.  For the Domestic investors, they had a positive on total net sales with a value of Rs. 12,504 Crores.

FII vs DII Trading on September 2018

Domestic Investors’ lowest net sales came from the first trading day of the month, of Rs. (-542) Crores and the highest net sales on the last trading day with Rs. 3,256 Crores, as you could taken from the table.

We know that the FII had a huge outflows in the last month, the rise of US 10 years Treasury yield and the interest rate hike by US Fed also the reason. The Dollar – Rupee conversion, Oil Prices, US – China Trade war are the common global factor and the Infrastructure leasing and Financial Services (IL & FS) debt crisis is the main cause on Domestic level, as it was downgraded on rating by ICRA (Information and Credit Rating Agency) .

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