Monthly trading activity of FII and DII vs Nifty – July 2018

Monthly Nifty data

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII vs Nifty – July 2018


Today (12-07-2018) Nifty and Sensex crossed 11000 and 36600 points respectively. Sensex also hit a record high and Reliance Industries makes a history as a 100 Billion USD Market cap after the TCS. This week stock market is moving on Global trend like Trade war between US and China, Crude movement, Upcoming Economical statistics, Dollar moving, and recent quarterly results.

The Nifty points are traveling positively with a 12 percent yield to return for the past one year. The last three year YTD is at 29.50 % and the sensex gives a yield of 14.20 percent in the last 12 months average.

For a long term investing, it’s not just about the Fundamental analysis with the business numbers, but also looking out the trading activity is a good one. The Last 10 years of trading activity of FII and DII is a suitable one to analyse and compared with Nifty.

Here, you can see the below data of the last 6 months – FII and DII vs Nifty:

Monthly Trading Activity





Mostly the FII were sold out on every month, except the month of March 2018 that they had a positive Net Purchases /Sales. On the other side, the DII had a positive sense that they bought on every month rather than selling. The highest net purchase on February 2018 is at 16216.12 Crores by the DII.

Similarly, you can see the FII data on February 2018 had a highest negative outflow with a net sales of (-16868) crores. From the last column, the Nifty data reacts depending upon the gross purchases and sales.

You can also see the Nifty in the month of february at 10113 points as compared to the six months data, it is lower. But, the same period, FII net purchase increases and the DII purchase at its lowest of 4733 crores.

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