Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – October 2018

Trading activity October 2018

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – October 2018

A good month for the Indian Stock Market this year is October 2018. Would you believe ? Obviously, it was a great journey for the Investors and Intradayers’ in the last month, who had not seen the 2008 Bear hand. But, still the last month is a bearish one and not yet complete this great journey.

We have to wait for an opportunity as an Investor, some stocks are trading nearby the valuation – not for most of the stocks. For Intra day, you should keep your eye on SELL – BUY. If you want to speculate now, you can’t recover easily or immediately. Again i am telling, it’s bear hand on time.

Trade war, Dollar-Rupee conversion, Crude oil price change, Federal interest rate hike and Financial sector’s bad loan pressure are the news keeping down the market for the past few months. The Net sales of Rs. 29,201 Crore for the October month by the FII in the trading activity. On the other side, the domestic investors (DII) had a net purchase of Rs. 26,033 Crore, which was the highest numbers in the last 10 years. Previously, it was seen of Rs. 21,025 Crore net sales in the September last year by the DII.

The Trading activity of October 2018 was showing, the Gross purchase of Rs. 1,11,037 Crore and Gross sales of Rs. 1,40,238 Crore by the Foreign Investors (FII). The Domestic investors played with Gross purchase of Rs. 1,00,992 Crore and Gross sales of Rs. 74,958 Crore in the last month.

Foreign Institutional investors are mostly the sellers in the last month, except in the days of 15th and 17th of October 2018. For the Domestic institutional investors were improved in the purchase for the entire month, except in October 17 and 19.

In the month of October, the Nifty50 was down as 600 points and Bombay Sensex down of more than 2000 points. On 5th October, the FII had the highest net sales of the month with Rs. 3,370 Crore and the DII had the highest net purchase of Rs. 2,526 Crore on October 29, 2018.

The historical Nifty PE (Price to earning) of 26.62 in the first trading day and finished with 25.00 in the last day of October 2018. The Price to book value was also seen at 3.29 and the Dividend yield of 1.27 percent in the end of the month. We can hope that the market is still coming down in the upcoming days and expecting for the good valuation as of Investor.

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