Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – November 2018

FII DII trading November 2018

Monthly trading activity of FII and DII – November 2018

We have been talking about this for the past few weeks – Crude Oil, Dollar – Rupee, China-US Trade war, Fed rate hike, Bank and NBFC’s (Non banking financial company) bad debt. Last November this year, Crude oil prices were fell sharply and Rupee gains against US Dollar.

WTI and Brent Crude Oil prices went nearly $50 and $60 respectively in the end of november 2018. Rupee against dollar was kept at below of Rs. 70 for the last month. When we said about the month of October this year, we raised a concern about whether the market is under the bear grip ?

While we compare the last month with the October 2018, it was slightly different. However the trend of the market was changed. Still, we have to move cautiously as it may not be the better opportunity as an Investor compared November to the October.

Crude and Rupee prices were given the support for the Indian stock market in the last month. As ongoing Elections, RBI data and GDP will give the clear indication in the upcoming days. The Trading activity of  FII (Foreign) were closed with net purchase of Rs. 4934 crore and for the DII (Domestic) done as net purchase of Rs. 1309 crore in the month of November.

On October 2018, as you can see the FII numbers are redundantly sold with a closing of Rs. 29,201 crore on Net sales. From the other side, the DII made a strong net purchase of Rs. 26,033 crore, in the last month was fall down to Rs. 1309 Crore due to gross sales of Rs. 64,217 crore as seen in the picture.

The Foreign investors had a gross purchase of Rs. 101,299 crore and a gross sales of Rs. 96,365 Crore in the last month. The Domestic investors stood with gross purchase of Rs. 65,526 crore and gross sales of Rs. 64,217 crore. The high net sales day of FII was Rs. 1,652 crore on 21st November and for the DII on 12th November with a high net sales of Rs. 1,073 crore.

The Single day high net purchase for FII was Rs. 2,043 crore on 15th November and for the DII, it was Rs. 1,489 crore in the last trading of the month. The Nifty Price to earning (PE) started with 24.98 and closed with 26.31 for the last month. The price to book value was also increased in November, from 3.29 to 3.44.

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