Mobilize Investment Opportunities – How it works for me

Investment opportunities

Mobilize Investment Opportunities – How it works for me



We are talking about Savings and Investing together. On the part of money, it’s not about the same. Savings is a simple method to putting your money in a low risk instrument or nothing. It may yields some, but not as strong to beat the inflation. Your target is to make secure on your money. However, Investing is purely a risky one, a chance of losing your money at anytime. The Return on Investing gives a Risk – Reward consumption. Beating the inflation at a great and aware about the Knowledge of Investing.

Everyone puts their money into the Budget Planning today and waits for the ‘NULL’. I am saying that they are ready to prepare for the budget, but not planned to save. One of my Tech friend, telling his budget planning from X (Income) to Y(Expenses) – But he committed not to save. So, Where is the Y (Saving) ? Everyone is saying not having money to save or invest. Then, what about your Survival of the fittest ?

As a Company, it can explain you how the income statement comes. It can tell you the Income and Expense of theirs, even not earning the profit or not 🙂 You need to find out where your X goes to meet the Y. I can do it and managed at any cost for my savings. I mean, i can find my savings always. For that purpose, i just went for this Budget Planning. Else, it tells nothing. On my Early college days, i had seen how my mother was saving and utilizing the some things, which can able to generate an idea or saving. Like saving a part of which my father gives her for the household, Chits, Emergency fund, Selling vegetables which got from my Grandpa’s farm. So, you can have a little knowledge about this and these are not your regular paycheck or income – But it’s really a savings !

From the learning part of my mother, i had still found some savvy things to save. I had describe it as, How to mobilize the Investment opportunities. This is a real tool to save and not just as a silly or simple. So, try to make your opportunities.


  • Selling Old Magazines and Newspapers
  • Sell the used Milk Packets at your home
  • Used Water Bottles
  • Selling online the unused things and try to not buying unneeded things.
  • Utilize the Tech Gadgets as portable or multiple. Don’t spend too much for the gadgets.
  • Used to save the Tax Exemption or Tax Refund amount
  • Save the Increment, Promotion or Bonus amounts
  • Looking for the Discounts and Deals on Shopping
  • Avoid credit cards, if you not aware. Use the cashback offers on Bank Cards for retail.
  • Make your choice of Internet income like Blogging, Affiliate marketing or selling products online
  • Work for the part time income by your knowledge or skills.


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This worked for me. When my early stage of investing, i was used to sell the old newspapers and used milk packets to save. Finally, i got a savings of Rs. 50 per month by old newspapers and milk packets. I deposited that amount of savings in a Postal office Recurring Deposit for the 5 Years scheme. On maturity, it gives me the amount of Rs. 3600 /- with the interest rate of 7 %. My investment opportunities were worked at fine. Today, i am using my investment opportunities for the most of savings and Invest to it. So, prepare your personal budget planning and make it use of these above opportunities and no need to blame it yourself, not having money to save. No need to get the FDI (Friend’s Debt Instrument) Investment for your Savings 🙂


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