Where the Rich Investor going ? Mediocre to Masterful

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Where the Rich Investor going ? Mediocre to Masterful

Hai and Vanakkam (Welcome)  to Rich Investing Ideas Subscribers!!!!!

This write up is to cheer up the activities involving by the Rich investor Mr. Saravanakumar Nagaraj, the Entrepreneur and Founder of this blog, who establishes a Rich investing Ideas and his physical efforts to achieve a purpose.

He recently published his 100th article of this blog, related to investing in a share market. Hurrah … 100th article is a grateful effort. He has been survived in between big and top investing institutions. As a known person to Rich Investing Ideas. I want to share some of the words about Rich Investor Mr. Saravanakumar Nagaraj and his efforts towards his goal.

Throughout the world all the people want a regular or a fixed income to survive their life. Because they don’t want to suffer more at the month end, they need some amount of money as a fixed salary and they spend the same and run for the next month salary.  As like they leads the life. Even though Mr. Rich investor had a regular income in his life, but he want to expose himself in his passion field.  So he just quit his regular job which gives a fixed income and started his life towards his passion. He wants his life as a fruitful manner. At the beginning – all of his friends, Relatives are depreciating him about his decision, even in his Family. But he has confident over him and invests his efforts to his passion.

It is not easy to quit a fixed income job and start walk to his passion without a standard income. But he knew all Successful persons are in the world started their career like this only.  As viewer we can judge that it is not easy to do. But he does not worry about the negative vibe around him. He keeps on moving towards his passion for that now he achieves his first milestone as 100th article. It shows he is on the right path with his prominent support his subscribers.

I want to describe about Mr. Rich investor’s effort through a small story….

Some frogs were fall down into the container contains milk. All the frogs as usual try to climb up the top of the container but all fails. All frogs lose hope and discuss among them about the condition. ‘We can’t climb over the container, we will die soon’ a frog said. But one of the frog in the group replied, ‘We don’t lose hope. We keep trying means we will achieve at the end. But the others don’t have faith over that frog at last they all died. But that frog keep on swimming in the container, due to chemical reaction milk turns to solid curd, in the morning that frog easily jump over the container. That frog survived because of its hope and keep on trying, as this keep it alive.

We can hold the water also when it turn to ice. Just we have to keep patience and waiting for the right time. As like Mr. Rich investor also doing his efforts in a continuous and he will reach his goal soon.

What I felt the difference between other institutions and the Rich Investing Ideas is the same difference the concept explained by the class teacher and by the friend. Rich investing ideas’ institution explained in an easy and understandable manner and with relevant practical examples. This makes me to understand about the stock market even better.

He always told that,

Put your efforts in a right way now and expect & reap your benefits in the future. This is the key to success.

Different types of siblings handling in the world. How the parents grown up their kids.

One type:  Kangaroo – always keep their kids with them;

Another type:  Turtle – They lay eggs in the sea shore and went off the place. But the intuition of the turtle is about the eggs even though it is in deep sea. The intuition works so only after hatching eggs all small turtle walk towards the ocean without their parents. As alike Mr. Rich investor not seen any of his subscribers but his intuition always his subscribers should get rich knowledge of investing and about market and their independence in finance.

As a small part of rich investing ideas my hearty wishes to Mr. Rich investor for his journey towards his goal. Final touch good fragrance blossoms tied up by thread with the help of blossoms the thread also have some fragrance .when Mr. Rich investor is achiever means obviously his subscribers also achievers.

( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)

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