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After read the title, please don’t start your thinking that raising question about Government policy. Its related to that. Recent days, Newspapers, Magazine, Headlines are about well established employees left their high pay job and back to Agriculture and other business. It is that the new generation is doing revolution? Let’s see…

In India during British colonial time, they introduced the tea and coffee. For that they cultivated the tea and coffee in Hill area. But the best qualities are exported to their countries. Nowadays, industries are exported the best one to foreign countries only. Dust and low quality for the inland trading. In old days, our people don’t have a habit of drinking tea. Really they don’t know about that. The British companies want to sell the dust tea to the local people. So, they planned to create a drinking habit of tea among the public. Companies are preparing a tea in the big barrel and entering to the street and give continuous bell and then place a glass in front of the door of all houses in the street and pour tea on it. After they went for another street, people taste the tea and it continues for some more weeks. After that they came and wait in the street corner. Peoples are came with a glass and its become a habituated for the Tea.

Up to that time, the companies give tea free for all. After the habituating the drinking of tea, they just start to sell the tea for money. This is how the companies persuade the people to buy the product. Some of them are through advertising; some of them are through by the Government itself.

We lose our originality, our generation is half-breed. Half-foreign culture, Half-Indian culture. Fashion, food, technology, automobiles, etc that everything imported from other countries. Top advertisement and Top selling products are not related to our custom. All are imported from foreign and thoughts are imported in mind of people. If we avoid the non custom practice of ours, we will raise our economy. For that MAKE IN INDIA, is needed. Is that everything is possible through Make in India?

In the beginning, we saw IT Employees, Entrepreneurs are started new business like Agriculture, Farming, etc. If we notice their field choosing is about value added products or more demand in market, What it indicates? They believe that they could earn more money than their previous jobs. Its also one kind of Corporate Business. Why they shouldn’t choose the field where the farmers and small scale industrial struggled to produce the products?

Make in money is their real motto. So, they just choose the money yielding business. They always have a thought, why should we work for a company or a sector. They created a job for themselves, which also equal to the corporate mind. I know one person nearby my native place, who previously worked in the IT Sector, earned more, now he is an Entrepreneur. He chooses the field of gardening and garland flowers. Flower is always demand in market all times during function and festival time, the demand increase and the profit will also rise. He earned more than his previous job. Now, he includes his family members in the same field. Doing Agriculture is a welcome one, but choosing a field in a profitable manner only is not good. How it really helps the agriculture?

New generation is highly focused on earning money; they choose the field related to that only. They want to be Rich, as they don’t want to the field which is difficult to survey. But, the difficult to survey is real agriculture and related on that. My wish new generation is must go for the dying field in different sector with new ideas and technology.

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Every business is based on Demand-Supply only. New word trending nowadays is self reliance – Independent Economy. I read some of the story of Entrepreneurs who are in the field of Poultry, Animal Husbandry. We know country hen egg, country cow milk is more demand in market. They earned profit more.

For example, as per the self reliance, in village there are hundred houses there. Every house have one cow means, hundred house have hundred cow. Due to self reliance, they don’t have any need to buy milk from outside. Milk remains excess, as like garden in every house for the vegetable means, there is no need to buy the vegetables outside. All become excess, less demand and More Supply. Then how could the business will run or how could they earn money for different needs? All business is based on Demand-Supply. If there is no demand means, no business at all. So, Entrepreneurs should focus on Demand-Supply or Demand should be create as like the corporate.

How could the corporate success in all field? For example, they only insist to withdraw the agriculture and gave job in the IT Sector and other field in urban. They reduce the strength of agriculture based workers; all educated people should work in urban only, not to live and work in village. They create the demand, because population strength is high in urban, due to migration. Low strength in agriculture based field becomes less, so that price increases.

If all educated people become Entrepreneurs and self reliance means, demand become less and the supply would high. The Main task for the new entrepreneurs, maintain the demand supply like corporate. But the price should be low. It’s not a easy one, the politics of our country and corporate will allow to grow the private in certain limit only. If any business will affect the corporate business, they must to face the problem. No other way.

Entrepreneurs don’t think MAKE IN INDIA 2018 is only for value added products or profitable products. It’s also related to agriculture, and other dying field. Every field has different tasks and demands. Everyone in the world may be a consumer, but everyone could not be a producer. So, according to my view up to three to four decades, is not possible for become self reliance and independent economy.




( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)


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