Investing is a Listening Skill

Investing is Listening Apple Book

Investing is a Listening Skill

Listening is an ART, is the best choice for any Field and Time. Learn by Watch (Videos, Pictures) is a good practice, Similarly when we listen to something, we can have the opportunities to acquire. Usually it’s the case in Wealth Creation.

You don’t have to be rich to just having the Money. On the contrary, you need to learn the safest ways to enrich it. We need to listen to others like Positive minded Wealthy people rather than criticize them. Most Success comes from Listening and Conversing. The Life we are living today is 100 Percent Copy of the Past.

By Genetic, Everyone have the talent and successful mind inside. But one should have open it in a time. This is the Listening of Time Mantra that boosts our mind and helps to create Wealth.

As we wrongly understood that Rich People are not ready to listening other’s words. It’s not true at real time, they are always keen to listen. Listening from others and Making their own decision were lead them ahead. In fact, they respect the opinions of others and turn that into opportunities. That change is what makes them different.

Rich People like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have made it a point to read books in their daily lives. That’s what brings them to a place of Excellence. Really, they are listening to the books.

It’s not only for the Wealth, but for the Rational and Other services for the Society. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said the below two Quality things at the highest mark,

  • Listening and Learning is Important
  • Sharing to others what we have learnt

It is also not good to just listening everything. There is a difference between Listening and Understanding. It works for the Investing too. There is no need to simply following Stock Broker’s or Someone’s Advice for your Investment. But, you have to keep a valid Consultant for your Financial Making Decisions. We have to listen from the Right place like Financial Advisor or Some one who really understands your Financial Status. Once we have stated our Investment Objective with the Right Consultant, then we can make our Investments accordingly.

When we listen and choose exactly what we need, Our wealth will come to us. Most of us in the Stock market today are losing their money on Speculation and Lack of Proper means. ‘ The Broker said, My Friend suggested, Anonymous calling recommended, Seen in a Magazine, Find out in the Website, Rocket Tips, Hot Tips and Chips ‘ – we regularly hearing this and then Speculate – Finally we see our daily life as a burden.

You are the owner of your life and Wealth, Nobody is going to work for you as Free. It is not necessary to suffer and lose the money what we have earned. So, read a lot of Books on Success and Failures. Meet the Men on it, your conversation will get better.

Investing is Like Listening, mostly boring…

Listening is the Secret to discover great stories !

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