The Sharp Knife cuts (hurts) your dream – Inflation


The Sharp Knife cuts (hurts) your dream –  INFLATION

Can anyone tell, ‘Why your dreams never come true ? ”  OR  Not always ?

I am always start with a caution and raising questions myself. Even starting an article with a question in this blog 🙂

No need to worry (or) stop, but we have to ask question by ourselves, with a word, ‘CAUTION‘. We are having the fixed habits, but not having a flexible one.


  • We go for the School Education
  • We go for Graduation
  • We go for Job
  • We go for Wedding
  • We go for Kids
  • We go for teaching the above to our kids
  • We go for Retirement
and finally, we felt bad that something we are not achieved (or) not happy with what we had / did.

Why… ?

On our school and graduation days, we have so many dreams and likes to get. Then, we think that we can get after our job (Day Job). But, that is the area, we don’t have a flexible one. We go for a job, We Spend… Spend… Spend… on our money, not with our precious time ! The time is the matter that can take us to get our dreams and likes on Live. But, we felt badly and go with a fixed one. We have a dream like buying a fancy Car, Apartment, Foreign Trip, Giving a Rich Dinner for your friends. Then, What ?
We just spending, but not achieving for our dreams and likes. Because, we are getting a salary or a single income from our business(Self Employed). We also hanging with our Increment, Promotions, Bonus Pay checks. Even sometimes begging with our Employer(s). We have to understand primarily that the Increment, Promotions, Bonus are giving just for your time or work to the production. If the company make profit, they will do the above for your work or time. Not for you 🙂 The Employer(s) also an individual, if he wants a robot (Automation) for his production, then he can. Really Not for you 🙂 They no need to care about you always, but sometimes. They really need their growth of the company or Government. We think that we don’t have a precious time, that’s why the employer providing you the PF (Provident Fund), Medical, Insurance, Pension and Gratuity Benefits (We think). So, we also saving a little with our salary. But, we can’t get our dreams with that little one.
Of course, they are providing you some monetary benefits, but they could not save you from the Sharpe Knife.

The Sharp Knife – Inflation

Can you think again, why the Government or Employer giving you the monetary benefits like Increment, Promotion, PF, Bonus,etc ?  They just protecting your work and time from the sharp knife, called Inflation. They can survive ! If the employer is going as a defaulter, some one can undertake their business. Even the Government going on bad debt, they can print more currencies to protect them, then what about you ?
Inflation just eats you and gaping you from the dreams and likes of yours.

“Inflation is an increase in the cost of living due to rising prices of daily needs. It also being decline in the purchasing power of your money”. 


Work and time for the production; Demand and supply for the inflation !
Usually on many occasions, we plan and save for our buying a Car, Home, but the cost of living (Inflation) rising and beating us. Then we go for the EMI, Loans, debt, etc. Finally, we entered into the Rat Trap, the knife hurts you more. And you too asking your kids to do the same, what you did !
We need a solution with the trap, A Flexible one like a Government (or) Employers’ business. We mostly thinking that ‘Taxes’ are the enemy for us. Taxes is also a good one for us, to improve. Taxes is not a matter, so that we can do saving and investing for the best one. We have to save and invest regularly with a small amount, but take a plan that beats Inflation. May be your Goal (or) Dream is for a short term, 5 Years or 15 Years, you must create the wealth more than the Inflation is important. 

  • Don’t hang yourself under the knife.
  • Don’t buy cheaper products on Insurance and Investing, and don’t confuse with the two (Insurance and Investing) also.
  • Try to learn and understand the investment products and its risky that beats the Sharp knife (Inflation).

Knife is not on your hands, but Life is 🙂





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