India’s CPI Retail Inflation – 5.91 Percent in March 2020

India Inflation March 2020

India’s CPI Retail Inflation – 5.91 Percent in March 2020

The Consumer Price Index – Retail Inflation stood at 5.91 Percent in month of March 2020. It is noteworthy that this rate of inflation is said to be Four months low. Increased Retail Inflation since the beginning of 2019, coupled with declining Demand Consumption has also led to a low in this rate.

The said above Inflation rate is also considered to below Market Expectation. The Prices of Food, Vegetables and Fruits for the month of March 2020 are lower than the previous month – February 2020.

Food Inflation fell to 7.82 Percent in the month of March 2020, earlier it was 9.50 Percent in the month of February. Vegetables prices are come down to 18.63 Percent from the earlier 31.60 Percent.

The Fruits are priced below 4 Percent in the last month. The Inflation rate on Pulses and its products is about 16 Percent. At the same time, the prices of Cereals and Milk Products rose slightly in March 2020.

There was a little or no change in the prices of Realty, Clothing and Footwear. Light and Fuel prices rose slightly to 6.60 Percent at the end of March 2020. Earlier, it was said to 6.4 Percent in the month of February 2020.

The Wholesale – WPI Inflation stood at One Percent for the March 2020. It was 2.26 Percent in the February. The Demand for Food products and Essential Commodities is in a different state at Present.

Food prices will continue to rise in the upcoming weeks, while the rate of inflation for the other goods and services will fall short of demand due to Covid-19. In the way of Lock down, the demand for essentials has only increased.

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