How train up for Battle Field?


How train up for Battle Field?


The Rules available and applicable to battle field is ‘To Win or To Die’ in the field. There is no choice to step back.

Which type of character is now need to achieve ?

During summer the forest is full of drought. All animals are affected by starvation. One Tiger is also affected by starvation. It find a dead elephant in its path, even though full of hungry it won’t go for that dead one. It’s not its behavior , it could hunting the prey and eat. It’s only sustains the quality. Like wise people should known for his victory in the field or could die bravely in the battle field.

Even Needle is better than Sword in the Battle. When our soul is filled by fury about our aim.


Two types of strategy usually followed in the battle field. One is the proper training before entering; And the other one is getting train up in the field itself. Based on the withholding capacity of the people.

Success is the continuous learning process. When you stopped the learning, Success will also be stopped. One Famous poet in his poem, ‘ However I lived my life in different manner and get experience from it. I have the qualification to tell how to lead a life in a perfect manner.’ The thing is about get advice and idea from the experienced person on the related field is one of the key factor of Success. Experience is not only based on the Practical attempts and it’s widely related to knowledge about the field. A man fall down from the Tenth floor of the building, then what will happen to him ?

Confirmed,  Strong broken bones. Is that any experience need to describe what will happen to him ? Knowledge is Enough. Knowledge protects from Failure.

Battle Field have some strong discipline, it not allows the fear person to enter. A basic factor is to buried the fear and confident about it. It not turn up again. If you failed in the battle, you will get an experience and if you win, you will guide up comers. Nothing is impossible in the world. We just need a strategy to attain the Victory. Changing a Strategy is permitted whenever you get failure in attempts. Not to change a goal instead.

We all know about the Competitive exam, there are 100 questions given to the candidates. And for that they allotted 60 minutes to solve. Without the time limit, everyone can find and solve the answer for all the 100 questions. But, what they need is the person who solve the maximum number of questions within the time limit, become a qualified person. The Main factor is, the Time. The World need a person who succeed in right time, it wants.

The Parents believed their children for a certain period only. The Administration also believing their employees for a certain time only. As like, the World gives a particular time to everyone, to show up their talents. If you are not showing up anything, there is no more chance. Delayed action, Delayed Victory, Delayed Decision making are treated as failure too. No rewards for that delayed things. We should aware and active in the battle field.

A small story, ‘ There are three persons advised to cut down three trees with their individual axle. Time allocation is given as one hour for each person. The first two persons were started their work to cut down. The Last one, takes nearly 75 percent of his time to sharpen his axle. From the remaining 15 minutes, he cuts down the tree smartly. But the other two were not done their work’. The content of the Story is to analyze the field, that you are going to taken and study all the loop and corner. Improve the knowledge about the field, especially about the unexpected things and Negative values.

We are all see in the world, New beginners in all the field but they couldn’t withstand for the long. What is the reason and Why ?

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The reason is, they did not analyze their field properly and unknown about the negative impacts. The World is full of competition and Cunning. If you fell down means, they run over you and submerged you. Not give another chance to rise. They clear of all your evidence from this world. The World have peculiar disease, it should keep the Victory persons in its history page. No record will be maintained for the others.

Just a Victory is not enough, but Victories is a continuous manner. We must be a unstoppable and destructive force. No one have an idea about to stop our Success. Once we entered into the race of competition, No Grace, No Mercy, No Adjustment and No Compromise ! Only, we need a victory as a full fruit. No bite for others, No right for others and No share for others. There is a fruit only for you.

Success is not an easy for us. But, the failure is not new for us. We always ready to face the failure, but not to leave grab over the victory. The World is not in need of you; You have a need from this world. If you give everything to the world, it accepts. But if you ask a small thing from this world, it denies.

Remember, World have not any shoulder to accommodate you in your failure time.

If you cry, the world will laugh at you;
If you laugh, the world too laugh with you.
Oh, World ! You thought that I am going to fall down; Never it happen.
No Mercy in the battle field, Victory is the only choice”.


( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)


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