Goal Alias Hole – The Identity of Aimed Life

Dream is a Goal

Goal Alias Hole – The Identity of Aimed Life


If we ask question to anyone about your Aim or Goal in your life. It is applicable to everyone on any age even Child, Student, Parent, Employee, Entrepreneur, Politician or any more. They started their dreams and tell about the aim or goal for their day life.

For a Child, the goal may – Need to grown up and then just getting everything. So, Growth is a goal for the child. A Student can think his goal like getting I-phone, Sports Bike. As a Father, he needs to earn more and buy a luxury home for his family, a good vacation and a mother wants to buy a new saree or Jewellery.

An Employee want to show up his talents to the boss or employer, so that he can get a hike of his salary. Politicians looking for their goals like becoming a member of Ministry. As an Entrepreneur, he hardly wants to be rich and one of the best part in his industry.

From the goals that we have seen, we can find there is a two thing common in everyone’s life,

  • Define about GOAL

We assuming that a GOAL, is to achieve a big think in our life or a desire to fulfill like becoming an Officer, Rich, Celebrity or a Fame. However we did not notice that everyday in  our life is a bliss of Goals only. But, we are not consider these part as a Goal. For Instance, While People are the way to reach their work spot, Students are reaching the school before time, Catching the bus, Charging your mobile, Paying your bills on time to avoid penalty or any piece of daily task, is obviously a ‘ GOAL ‘.

We had a thought that these daily tasks are an easy one and not consider ourselves as aim or goal. What are the daily task that we said, is also a time based factor. Round the clock in a day that we say 24 Hours a day, a doctor generally advice you to sleep for 8 Hours. It’s very clear that someone done something for their future. And Some one may use one day in their life. It’s damn sure, World get improved. An Individual who have a dream or a goal to achieve they can get continuous improvement in growth. It’s applicable during 8 Hours of Sleep also 🙂

DREAM is a common thing for everyone and it cannot see who is a rich, poor or a middle class one.

Dream is equal to GOAL;

Dream become hole in a life 

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A Career Scientist turned as statesman, Dr. A.P.J. Adbul Kalam quote this below,


Dream is not that which you see while sleeping

it is something that does not let you sleep.

A Person who really wants to achieve a goal, then he should follow his dream in his real life by the way of dedication and perseverance. Otherwise, a person cannot achieve a goal on his dream itself.

The great people says that, ” A man who leads a life with a goal, could face 1000 failures, then a man who leads a life without goal, face 10,000 failures “.


No one in the world could drink a mirage and satisfy themselves. It is a clear example for a person who dream a goal in sleep and think himself as an Achiever.


Nowadays, people are searching some where and suffering with Self Satisfaction. It’s also a big barrier for a Goal because they just want their success in a first attempt itself. If not so, then they become self satisfaction and consoled themselves that we cannot achieve our goal and we will lead the life what we had.

In the world for all the living being, there is only one thing that relates, is Satisfaction on consuming Food. While taking a food, we had not too much after filled our stomach. We are showing gesture of STOP by hand for the food, while in a marriage ceremony after filling our stomach. Enough, Enough ! 🙂

That the remaining part in life is endless, unsatisfied, we have to run continuously to achieve with meaningful and set with a destination for the Run. Even for the Marathon run had an end, but the life-run should ended with a motivated destination. It’s obvious that a goal or aim is a mandatory for the human life, but consider it as a achievable. Steps have to be taken to reach the Goal in a life, but not in dream.

The Aimed life make more meaningful to the person and lift his surroundings too, Aimless leads to destruction. Aim or Goal is a must one for the people in their life, even they do not choose.

If the Plan does not work, Change the plan but Never The goal

If at first You don’t Succeed, Change your plan Not Your Goal

Aim is Endless, i will not put a full stop here !


( This is a Guest post by Pandi thangam Paulraj, who is an Engineering Graduate servicing under the Ministry of Railways. He is an avid and self efficient, A natural farming lover. He loves to bring the traditional Tamil lifestyle to the society.)


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