The First 100 Billion Dollar Indian Company

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The First 100 Billion Dollar Indian Company


India’s Biggest IT – Software Company named, ‘Tata Consultancy Services‘ or TCS creates a record on Stock Exchange yesterday. A remarkable note that the company raised its market capitalization more than 100 Billion US Dollar. Not only raising the capitalization, but also the first ever Indian company crosses this $100 billion mark.

The Public Listed Company (TCS) in Stock Exchange recently posted its 4th Quarter results (FY18) with a profit of Rs. 6904 Crores by 4.50 percent growth from the previous quarter.

TCS were also announced the 1:1 Bonus issue to the share holders and a final dividend of Rs. 29 /- per share by the growth result. It also said that the demand space in Digital Technology made its contract transactions as successful and this result ended in a special one.

The $100 Billion Company started in the year of 1968 and became the biggest software company in India, now holds its position as one of the World’s Top 100 Valued Companies with a rank of 97th.

Tata Consultancy Services is not just a biggest software service provider, but also it branches were across 46 Countries and the Largest private sector in India, which had more than 35 percent contribution on employees by the women.

Recently, Tata Group of companies were slightly down on Market capitalization, but this company (TCS) breakout the negative and became India’s first $100 Billion Company by market capitalization, which contributes nearly 85 % of profit on Tata Group.

The World’s Top 10 Publicly Traded Companies are there, APPLE holds its position as first with a market capitalization of $877 Billion listed in the US Stock Market.

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