FII and DII Trading activity – January 2019

FII DII Trading Activity January 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – January 2019

In the Current month till today(12-02-2019), the Foreign Institutional Investors(FII) have invested about Rs. 33,717 Crore in the Indian cash market. The Net purchase was seen as Rs. 2,989 Crore. At the same time, the Domestic Institutional Investors(DII) have invested Rs. 24,478 Crore and the Net sales was seen of 371 Crore rupees.

The Factors that we have for the last few months have yet to decide the course of Indian stock market and even globally – US-China Trade war, Monetary Policy in United States, Crude oil changes and in the domestic, already the budget is over. However the upcoming election date and the Third quarterly results of FY 2018-19 for the Listed companies are now moving the Market.

Last January 2018, the trade was seen as a positive feature of FII and DII in the Stock Market. In the January 2018, the FII had a net purchase of Rs. 9,568 Crore and DII had a net purchase of 398 Crore rupees. But this year is not like that much. By totally the FII had invested of Rs. 1,01801 Crore in the January 2019 and the net sales was seen at 127 Crore rupees. For the Domestic investors they had too net sales of Rs. 2146 Crore as you can see in the table.

On 31st January, 2019, the Foreign investors had a highest net purchase of Rs. 3,006 Crore and the Domestic investors had a highest net sales of 1,634 Crore rupees in the same day. The DII had done with a positive on Net purchase of Rs. 698 Crore in the day of 8th January 2019, which was the highest net purchase on this month.

The FII had a worst and high on net sales seen in the 3rd January last month with a net sales of Rs. 972 Crore. The Foreign Institutional Investors had sold(Net sales) for 14 days out of 23 Trading days in the January 2019. However the domestic investors were sold only for the 7 days out of 23 Trading days.

The Nifty50 was seen, it was closed with 10,910 points in the starting of January 2019 and ended with 10,830 points in the end of the last trading day of the month. The BSE Sensex were started its day with 36,254 points and ended with 36,256 points in the last day of January 2019.

Most of the Listed companies’ share were went down by the impact of Q3FY19 results as the earnings of these companies are not good. Some of the positive results from the IT Sector Companies are retaining the market without falling much. Let’s see how the market moves in the coming days.

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