FII and DII Trading activity – May 2019

FII DII Trading activity may 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – May 2019

Did you expect the Election 2019 results in India or Did you guess the market moves in the day of Election results 2019 ?

Prior to the end of the Election in India, the market was heading towards a bigger rise, but at the end of Election results did not get a big boost. However one should remember that the Indian stock market is at the Peak now.

Some one is saying that the Nifty50 will go up to 14,000 before this year and some may looking for the Bear trap which is down below 11,000 points. Bull or Bear, but the Earnings and Economical numbers are not up to the mark and it may not support for a long currently.

Net buyers for the month of April 2019, is the net sellers of May 2019 for the Indian Stock Market. Likewise, the net sellers for the April are the Net buyers of May 2019, the DII (Domestic Institutional Investors) had bought more shares than the FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) in the month of May 2019 as per FII / DII Trading Activity.

For the month of May 2019, the FII had bought shares of worth Rs. 1,31,468 Crore and sold shares of worth Rs. 1,33,604 Crore – So the Net Sales of Rs. 2,135 Crore. It is noteworthy that the FII were the Net buyers in the month of April 2019, worth Rs. 12,750 Crore.

On the other side, the DII were the Net Sellers in the month of April, which is worth Rs. 4,219 Crore. In the month of May 2019, the DII had the Net Purchase of Rs. 5,316 Crore – Bought shares of worth Rs. 85,285 Crore and Sold the shares of worth Rs. 79,968 Crore.

There are 22 Trading days in the last month of May, 14 days the FII had the Net Sellers and 9 days the DII had sold their shares. The FII had the highest Net purchase of Rs. 2026 Crore which came in the 24th May, 2019. They sold shares of worth Rs. 2,011 Crore in the day of 14th May, which was seen as the highest net selling in a single day.

On 14th May, 2019 the Domestic Institutional Investors had a net purchase of Rs. 2,242 Crore as the highest single day net purchase in the month of May 2019. They sold heavily on 30th May with the shares worth Rs. 1,122 Crore.

Trade War, Crude Oil prices and Industrial numbers are the major factors that will move the market in the upcoming weeks. The Earnings of the listed companies for the Q4FY19 (January-March 2019) have not seen as good. With the expectation of rising in the revenue of Q1FY20, the Indian Stock Market will react.

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