FII and DII Trading activity – March 2019

FII DII Trading activity March 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – March 2019

Last month, March 2019 – The Indian Stock Market was hugely focused by the Foreign Institutional Investors(FII). In the month of March, the FII had bought net purchase of Rs. 32,371 Crore and on the other side, the Domestic Institutional Investors(DII) had a net sales of Rs. 13,930 Crore in the equity market.

The Indian Stock Market had a very much boost in the recent weeks. The reason for the rise in the market were No changes in the US Fed rate, Dollar-Rupee trade, Crude oil prices and most importantly the election situation in India.

There are 19 trading days in the month of March, where the FII bought shares on all trading days except the day of March 29,2019. At the same time, the Domestic investors were the net sellers for the most of the days, except in the four trading days – March 1, 25, 27 and 29.

Foreign Investors bought shares worth Rs. 4,323 Crore in a single trading day on 15th March. Where the DII had a highest positive purchase on March 29, for an amount of Rs. 1,724 Crore.

On March 15, the Domestic Institutional investors had taken out of money worth Rs. 2,130 Crore from the Market (Likely Mutual Funds). This is the highest net sales in the month of March for the DII. The FII had a net sales of Rs. 86 Crore in the day of 29, March, 2019.

It is good to be and in favor of the Market, while the FII are continuing to invest in the Indian Equity Market. Even though, most of the stocks in the Mid and Small Cap did not see a rise in the Market Up trend.

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