FII and DII Trading activity – June 2020

Trading activity June 2020

FII and DII Trading activity – June 2020

The Stock Market has been on the rise for the past three months since the fall of March 2020. However this is said to be as a Warning Signal. There is a big gap between the Current numbers on Global Indices and the Economy.

For the period of June 2020 on trading activity, there are 22 trading days in the month. Both the Foreign investors and Domestic investors were came as a Net Buyers for the month of June. This moment was also happened in the month of May 2020.

The FII had bought shares of worth Rs. 1,55,215 Crore and sold shares of worth Rs. 1,49,723 Crore in the last month. So, the Net Purchase was said to be Rs. 5,493 Crore. On the other side, the Domestic Investors (DII) had a gross purchase of Rs. 1,00,174 Crore and the gross sales of Rs. 97,740 Crore. So, they came up with Rs. 2,434 Crore on Net Purchase for the month of June 2020.

Out of 22 trading days in the said above month, the FII and DII had sold their shares (Net Sales) for 10 days. It is noteworthy that the Foreign investor are the Heavy Net Sellers in the March lows month and the DII went as a Net Buyers there.

The Foreign Institutional Investors were the Net Sellers in the Indian Equity Market till April 2020 this year. The Domestic Investors were invested heavily than the FII in the March lows as per the Trading activity Report.

The Major indices were in the Life time high globally. However, it could take another couple of years to get the Pre-Covid-19 Economy. The current recession is viewed to be a mixed of Great Recession and Great Depression.

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