FII and DII Trading activity – June 2019

FII DII Trading activity june 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – June 2019

The trade war (US-China) has not yet ended. In the month of June 2019, the Domestic institutional investors were the net buyers and the Foreign institutional investors were on the selling side. Automobile sales growth has declined for the past few quarters.

India’s Final Budget 2019 is expected to be filed in the current week. The Automobile sector is expecting with the tax changes in the upcoming Budget. In June this year, the Foreign Institutional investors (FII) bought shares worth of Rs. 98,712 Crore and sold shares of Rs. 99,400 Crore. Net Sales were at Rs. 688 Crore for the FII in the month of June.

At the same time, the Domestic Institutional investors (DII) bought shares of Rs. 58,637 Crore and sold shares worth Rs. 54,994 Crore. The Net Purchase stood at Rs. 3,643 Crore for the DII in the last month.

The total number of trading days in June was 19 days. 10 out of 19 days, the FII had the Net sellers. At the same month, the Domestic institutional investors had sold their shares for 7 days.

In the first trading day of the month, the FII had bought shares of worth Rs. 3,068 Crore. This is the highest net purchase in a single day for the Foreign investors.

Last month, the FII sold shares worth more than Rs. 1,000 Crore in two days. According to the Domestic institutional investors, they are the net sellers for the first three trading days of the month.

The DII had a net purchase of more than Rs. 1,000 Crore for the two days, which was on 17th and 20th of June 2019. The Indian Stock market will move with the Budget 2019 and quarterly (Q1FY19) results in the month of July.

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