FII and DII Trading activity – December 2019

Trading activity december 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – December 2019

With the Sino-US Trade war raging throughout the Past year 2019, the US-Iran War Tensions has only begun the beginning of this current year 2020. The Global Economy slowdown is yet to be remedied.

The Biggest impact and the factors this year will be the Trade War, Crude Oil Price Challenges, US Election and the GDP numbers of Asian Countries. Throughout this month and February 2020, the Listed Company’s Q3FY20 earnings are coming out.

For the period of December 2019, the Trading activity had arrived with both signs on FII and DII. The Foreign Institutional Investors are the Net Buyers, where the Domestic Investors are the Net Sellers of said month – December 2019.

The Foreign investors had a Gross Purchase of Rs. 99,178 Crores worth of shares and Gross Sales worth Rs. 98,483 Crore, so the Net Purchase were stood at Rs. 694 Crore for the month of December. The Domestic Institutional Investors had a Gross Purchase of Rs. 65,743 Crore and a Gross Sales of Rs. 66,483 Crore on Shares. The DII had arrived with a Net Sales of Rs. 740 Crores.

Out of 21 Trading days in December 2019, the DII had sold their shares for 8 Days. Where the Foreign investors had a Negative Sales of 10 days out of 21 Trading days. On 18th December 2019, the FII had bought a Net Purchase of Shares worth Rs. 1,836 Crore which was the highest in a single day for the period of December 2019.

The Domestic Investors had sold their shares on 23rd December 2019, Net Sales worth of Rs. 1,947 Crore which was the highest in the said month. It is noteworthy that the Foreign investors bought a Shares worth of Rs. 1,463 Crore on the same day.

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