Almost Perfect, not everything is right

Almost perfect hands

Almost Perfect, not everything is right

In a Journey of Human, everyday we have some kind of experience in our Life track. They are not obliged to be Positive or Perfect only. Some experiences can bring us happiness and some may show disgust.

We have to learn to evaluate what we need. Not all of the things have a positive outcome. It’s good to have positive thoughts in our Subconscious. At the same time, Information (Data) available to us does not necessarily have to be reliable. It’s our pure responsibility to see the information available whether it is right or wrong.

Last evening i had read a commentary in a book, ” The Intelligent Investor ” by Benjamin Graham. He is the father of Value Investing and this book referred to the concept of Value Investing. The Commentary was started like this,

The School teacher asks Billy Bob: ” If you have twelve sheep and one jumps  over the fence, how many sheep do you have left ? “

Billy Bob answers, ” None. “

“Well”, says the teacher, ” You sure don’t know your subtraction “

” May be not, ” Billy Bob replies, “but i darn sure know my sheep.

The above commentary was explained about the, ‘ Almost Perfect ‘ The Mutual fund was introduced in the year of 1924 by the American and that was said on those days, Mutual funds are cheap, convenient and well diversified and professionally managed. Mutual funds are regulated very well under the Federal Securities Law.

The Chapter on this book came here to say, ” But mutual funds are not perfect; they are almost perfect and the word makes all the difference. Because of their imperfections, most of the funds under perform the market. What they say is, we cannot go to buy a mutual fund on assumptions, like Past returns, Better managed by Portfolio Managers or any thing fancy.

The Investment Consultant Mr. Charles Ellis says, ” If you are not prepared to stay married, you should not get married. “

Mutual Fund Investing is not at different. if you are not prepared to stick with a fund say at least ten years, you should not buy it in the first place. I am not saying that the mutual funds are not good. But Patience is the investor’s single most powerful factor.

Try to explore the available information or the Past data. Do not decide your investing with the information – isolated. So, do not step out of the market, if this year has not earned anything. Let’s Start off – beware the two word, ‘ Almost Perfect ‘ 

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