7 things to know as an investor – Ahead of US Presidential Election 2020

US Presidential Election

7 things to know as an investor – Ahead of US Presidential Election 2020

The US Presidential Election is just a few days away. Global Indices have risen sharply since March 2020 Crash. US market indices traded at a lifetime high, just post fall of March. At the same time, the economy is not showing any signs of immediate recovery.

Most countries are preparing for the curfew due to the fear of Second Wave – Covid-19. Although the death toll due to the Corona Pandemic is currently declining, but the number of cases are increasing day by day.

As the Northeast monsoon in India is coming a little late, there is a chance of Heavy Rain and cold related infections in the upcoming days. Stock Market Indices are rising amid Trade war, Border Tensions, Volatility on Crude and Dollar and the recession is here.

With the US Election set to take place in the first week of next month, Global indices are guaranteed to fluctuate in the coming weeks. As an investor, one should take some precautionary measures in the High Volatility market. This will make the most of the opportunities available in the Market Crash.

  • Volatility is Guaranteed
  • Invest in Good Business (Fundamentally Strong stocks)
  • Invest a little and do little, Don’t for a Huge or Lumpsum investments.
  • Don’t bet it or Speculate in the Short term
  • Make Asset Allocation and Diversification
  • America is America !
  • Economy is the real indicator and the friend of Mr. Market

In the recent market boom, shares of companies that do not meet the basic fundamentals have also risen more than 100 Percent. Therefore it is important to pick good stocks as the market is likely to be more volatile in the coming days (Pre and Post Election Scenario).

Focus on Companies that are Debt Free, Good Management, and how to deal with the recession times.

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