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Last week I had a chance to meet a webinar session of the great business man, T. Harv Eker. It was an one hour session about Business from, ‘Zero to Multimillionaire’. Such a wonderful meet with Mr. Harv online, he had a things of business strategy and given to everyone with a basic understanding.

Mr. T. Harv Eker is the author of the popular, ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ book, which includes a collection of mental attitudes that facilitate wealth. This book appeared as a No.1  on the New York times best seller.  His articles and seminars are the famed in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Plenty of business words are discussed and got an inspired touch. Here I like to give you shortly about the things I learnt there. We just think about the business, is needy of money and experience to be successful. But, it’s not true on that manner; however these two things are the basic complementary.

He is telling the basic thing about stop dreaming of success and surge to live it as Rich. So, he encourages living the real life, doing what you love.

  • Own your Own Business: If you are going to do a business, does it on your own. Just try it as your own business. No need to make a partnership initially. On owning yourself, one can change the rules on their business.  Job and Rich don’t go well together. So, you have to choose to be Rich.


  • Focus on your business, only one business: Don’t do more than one business. Choose a single business and be focus like a Rocket Launcher.  Create a massive energy for your business that leads to better success. Rich People are always diversified on their business, but only after been Rich. We need multiple streams of Passive income, not for the multiple businesses. So, start with a one.


  • Do what you love:The Shoe has to Fit’ – Take a business on your interests, hobbies. Because you would enjoy more on what you like. Enthusiasm is the greatest sales factor in existence. Live your life as rich, what you love. It leads to get more success.


  • You are the root of your Success: Always listen to your inner mind and do from there. AS you grow, your wealth would also grow. Keep in mind that your character is your business. Take the responsibility of your Profit or loss on business.


  • To earn more, you must be the best: Think about the Top Sportsman and the Leader in the business, they are always dedicated and give the much talent. So, Practice to be the best – You may be a leader on success or Trainer on failure.


  • Utilize the Business Success Formula: Get the right knowledge on your business and in general. Business is always a learnable skill. Keep learn on everything for your business to be successful.

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