5 years Consumer Price Index (CPI) Historical Data Analysis (2013-2018)

5 years CPI India

5 years Consumer Price Index (CPI) Historical Data Analysis (2013-2018)


The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation for the month of August 2018 went down to 3.69 Percent. Earlier it was 4.17 percent in the month of July as for the developing nation. Here I am taking the last 5 years historical data of CPI India numbers to analyze.

For India after 2010, the index for inflation was changed from the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) to Consumer Price Index by the Central Bank – RBI. The Central Statistical Office (CSO) also had given the CPI with a base year 2012 = 100. However, CPI is an important factor to decide the Inflation / Deflation.

There are more than 25 Index categories to analyze the prize changes in the CPI Data, especially the data split as Rural and Urban.  Finding the Inflation using CPI numbers is not a hard task, which most of the developed and upcoming nations are using scrutinized.

The Lowest and Highest CPI numbers are 86.81 and 140.40 respectively.  The Last one year it started at Rs. 135.2 /- and grew gradually, now at 140.40 (August 2018).

one year CPI India data


In the period of January 2013, Consumer Price Index for Pulses and Products priced for Rural at 106.10, Urban at 105.80 and Combined (Rural plus Urban) at Rs. 106/-. In January 2014, it was 108.90 (Combined), Rural – 109.6 and Urban – 107.50. For the January 2015, the Pulses and products priced in Rural at 117.20 and in Urban at 122.90, the combined at Rs. 119.10 /-

On January 2016, the combined price was Rs. 170.70 /- and then it was reduced to 159.50 (Combined) in January 2017. This year started (Jan 2018) with Rs. 127.30. So you know that the Inflation rate (Pulses) comes down this year.

The Clothing and Footwear priced at Rs. 106.40 /- (Combined) in the period of January 2013, then it was 115.40 in 2014, 122.50 in 2015, and 129.50 in January 2016. Last year January, it was priced at 135.60 and the January 2018, it had at Rs. 142.30. Finally, one should aware about that Clothing and footwear price went up.

While we analyze the CPI – Education, it was 103.80 in the year of Jan 2013. Rs. 111.60 /- (2014), 119.70 (2015), 126.30 (2016), 133.30 (2017) in the Combined price. In January 2018, the Education CPI Priced at Rs. 139 /- Since 2013, how far it was priced – Expensive ah!

If we are taking the Milk and its Products – the combined price in January 2013 is Rs. 104.40/-. In 2014 and 2015, it was following as 114.10 and 125. The price was increased to 129.90 in 2016 and 135.40 in January 2017. Now this January, the milk and products priced at Rs. 141.10/-.

The Projected CPI numbers for India, for the Next Quarter (Q3FY2019) would be 141 and 144 for the Q4FY18.  The expected index number for the Q1FY19 is Rs. 143/- and Rs. 158/- in the year of 2020.

CPI 5 year data comparison

For more category related on CPI numbers, you can get the details in the Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India Website under a Digital India Initiative.

Similarly, one can take the data on any category to analyze the Consumer price index numbers, which is mostly helpful to calculate the Inflation or Deflation Rate. The Prices are changed and charged year on year, it would accurate but may not reflect the real one on Individuals. Because index numbers are considered as macro, not required to reflect somewhere.

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