17 Shares to be De-listed from August 21, 2018 – BSE India

Delisted Shares BSE

17 Shares to be De-listed from August 21, 2018 – BSE India


The first trading of this week, the SENSEX and Nifty 50 closes with 38278 points and 11551 points respectively. While the Ministry of Statistics set the release of GDP back series data, really impact with the Political India.

Earlier, in the month of May 2018 – BSE India had delisted nearly 200 companies and in July 2018, had delisted 222 Companies and moreover the exchange decided to debarred from accessing the market for a period of 10 years to Group companies, directors, and related promoters.

From this date (21-08-2018), there are 17 shares to be de-listed in BSE India Exchange by Bombay Stock Exchange. So, trading in these stocks has remained suspended over 6 months.

IAG Company Limited, Baroda Electric Meters, Graham Firth Steel, Graphic Charts Ltd, Bihar Air Products, Valuemart Retail Solutions, Yule Financing and Leasing Co. Ltd, Kiev Finance are the few firms going to be delisted from tomorrow – August 21, 2018 (Tuesday).

The remaining companies of the 17 de-listed are, Spartek Ceramics India Ltd, Associated and Marmo Granites, CANA Glass, Neelkanth Motels and Hotels, Realtime Finlease, Mahavir Impex, Sibar Media Entertainment, Sudar Industries and Prithvi Information Solutions.

If you have any shares from the above list, you cannot trade on these shares from 21st august, as it will not be available in the BSE Exchange. One can also view this de-listed data from the BSE Official website – Delisted Companies List .

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